Connect:ROG MOD APK (Menu, Gem, Gold Multiplier) 1.0.7

Updated 01/02/2023 (1 year ago)
NameConnect:ROG APK
MOD FeaturesMenu, Gem, Gold Multiplier
SupportAndroid 7.0+
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Connect:ROG MOD APK Information

1. Menu
2. Gem Multiplier
3. Gold Multiplier

Introduce MOD APK Connect:ROG

Fight for women in the ancient world and lift the curse of Aisha in the game Connect:ROG. The curse is always a scary thing, and anyone who gets involved has the most accidents. Some curses cannot be lifted, making many people’s lives indescribable. And some curses force people to pass them on to others to survive. But their girl, Aisha, did not choose the solution as one would think. She has been cursed by demons and wants to destroy them with her own hands to remove the curse. Help this weak girl fight the monsters in the dungeon and break the curse.

An evil curse accidentally caught a weak girl from the evil devil. They want her to pass this curse on to others if she doesn’t want to be destroyed by them. If she didn’t, she would have to endure the torture of the demons. However, she chose to fight for her fate and decided to confront the demons. If they thought you were weak, then prove your strength. You can go with this resilient girl through the demon’s dungeons and shield them. Find the monsters that planted the evil curse and destroy them with your own hands to cancel it.

ConnectROG android

Download Connect:ROG mod – Discover and break the curse

Aisha has become the subject of which the evil demons of this world institute a curse. They are the most brutal creatures in the world and always live in dungeons. But that does not mean that the devil cannot harm the peaceful life of humanity. And our cursed girl was accidentally caught by them and started a wicked plan. They cast the ultimate curse on Aisha and gave her two options to break the curse. She must pass the curse onto others or suffer until they kill her. But this girl chose the confrontation option and wanted to destroy the person who created the curse.

ConnectROG apk

Evil curse

Evil demons cannot exist in the human world thanks to the protective light. But they still seek to destroy this world and continuously create unfortunate accidents. And in the end, they made the evilest curse and decided to carry out the plan immediately. Aisha became the first to suffer this curse of the demons. They want her to spread the curse on humanity and make the humans create a civil war. But they have disregarded the will of a good girl ready for this peaceful world. Choosing to fight is the way she wants, and she will break the curse on herself.

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Challenging the devil

The devil wanted to destroy the world with cruel curses and carried out the plan. A girl named Aisha is part of the plan, but they won’t believe it. She is not afraid when the devil curses her before approaching death. Her life belongs to this world, and she doesn’t allow herself to harm anyone. Aisha would challenge the demons because of those who forced her to do so. Together with Aisha took up the weapon and moved forward despite the curse in effect. Help Aisha erase her view of a weak person in the eyes of the demons by defeating them.

ConnectROG mod apk

Peace after victory

Aisha’s life seems to have been ruined since the demons planted the curse. She has become the tool to destroy the world, but she will not harm this world. Aisha hadn’t experienced peace for a long time when she began to challenge the devil. But the devil has turned her life upside down, and she has to destroy them even more. You will join Aisha in the dungeon and face each evil demon inside. But the official enemies are still lurking, and it is only through overcoming them that she encounters them. Aisha has chosen to fight and help her face the devil to have peace after victory.

ConnectROG mod

The evil demons thought that their curse would be able to control a girl. And thanks to that, demons also completed their plan to use the curse to destroy the world. However, Aisha is no ordinary girl and has to face the truth. She does not despair of becoming the cursed person but wants to meet a demonic enemy. The evil curse caused her to lose a peaceful life and go into battle. You also want to protect this world from demons and accompany Aisha to destroy the dungeon. Download Connect:ROG mod to help a girl find peace in front of evil monsters.

How to Download & Install Connect:ROG MOD APK (Menu, Gem, Gold Multiplier) for Android


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