Craft Island MOD APK 1.13.2 (Unlimited money)

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NameCraft Island APK
MOD FeaturesUnlimited money
SupportAndroid 5.0+
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Survival skills are extremely important if you are lost in remote places and cannot get help in any way. So what if you had to survive on a desert island? Craft Island will help you understand more about the jobs you can do while surviving on the deserted island. An attractive simulation game on the topic of building and surviving on a deserted island. By taking advantage of what is on it to create everything with your own hands.

You will be dropped on a remote deserted island where only trees are present. Surrounded by endless seawater. Your mission is to survive by survival in this place. Take advantage of all the resources available on the island, collect them and exchange them for money to connect with other islands. Unlock more buildings and exchange resources for a certain amount of money to build houses, garden, and upgrade everything. Make the simple island your own paradise.

Craft island mod apk

Download Craft Island mod – Build everything on the desert island

You are dropped on an uninhabited desert island, along with surrounding trees and an ax. Using the ax in your hand, cut down the trees on the island to get wood resources. You use 10 trees to build a house that can be exchanged. It can be exchanged for 10 trees for 5 gold coins. Use the gold coins to go to other islands to earn more trees. Or unlock more new buildings that require more gold coins. But will bring new resources and items to help you in the process of survival on your deserted island.

Owning fairly simple gameplay, you will use the virtual Joystick to move your character around the island. Move to the trees that will automatically cut down and harvest them. The simple tap and slide interface will certainly not make it difficult for newcomers to approach this game. The game can make you feel a little relaxed during breaks or the fun of finding new buildings and islands.

Craft island mod

Create every special project

There were no instructions, not a single line of text appearing on the screen. You only know that you were lost on a deserted island, with an ax in hand. And big trees everywhere. So what can you do in this situation? Obviously, you will go to cut trees, get firewood. Unlock buildings, initially your own houses, small houses used to convert wood into money. The later, the more wood is stored. You can build large villas and many houses with higher value. Along with the construction of bridges to be able to travel easily across the islands.

Craft island apk

Discover new islands

If you want to go to a new island you have to pay a certain amount to be able to build a bridge over it. After moving to a new island, the trees and land on it will change color markedly. But their function remains the same, still collecting wood resources. Also, you can find brand new works. They need your level to unlock and build. Your level will increase gradually over time of activities, cutting trees, building houses. Displayed in the top left corner of the screen. Reaching a certain level will unlock and build a new building with a small amount of money received.

Craft island free 1

Change tools when necessary

It’s too annoying when your ax cuts too slowly without bringing back too much wood. Don’t worry as you can upgrade to a brand new ax in the shop. Each ax has different stats and functions too. The more expensive the ax, the faster it cuts and brings back more wood compared to other axes. Another way you can get new axes is by watching ads. A 15-second ad will give you a new ax very quickly without spending a dime. Also, a way to contribute to developer revenue.

Craft island free

The gameplay is simple and easy to level up. The 3D graphics are quite eye-catching with smooth motion. Craft Island is quite convenient for you to play in your spare time. Nothing to do and lie still, open your smartphone and download Craft Island mod. Explore new islands together, build many beautiful buildings and survive alone in the middle of the vast ocean.

Download Craft Island MOD APK (Unlimited money) for Android

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