Click Chronicles Idle Hero MOD APK (Unlimited money) 1.2.6

Updated 05/09/2023 (9 months ago)
NameClick Chronicles Idle Hero APK
CategoryRole Playing
MOD FeaturesUnlimited money
SupportAndroid 5.0+
Get it onGoogle Play
Click Chronicles Idle Hero MOD APK detail?

1. Unlimited Gold*
2. Unlimited Crystals*
3. Unlimited Diamonds (spend as you want in the shop)
*never decrease when you spent

Introduce MOD APK Click Chronicles Idle Hero

Come to Click Chronicles Idle Hero to join the new idle strategy combined game. The game will create moments of suffocating suspense. The war revolves around different character lines, each with unique abilities and techniques. You will play the role of a heroic soldier with your team participating in the fight. Joining the battle, the player will defeat youkai one by one to level up. The levels are linked into a sequence of activities connected by a map. These levels seamlessly intertwine through gameplay and event circuits. The game distributes levels around the map.

The plot Click Chronicles Idle Hero takes place in a magical land with the presence of many different beasts and magicians. First, the Goddess of Creation used her love to turn everything into sentient beings. However, she encounters a conflict between the beings she created. Caused all emotions of anger, hatred, and jealousy. War broke out everywhere, and death covered the city. The goddess sealed this negative energy on the top of Mount Azak. The long sealing time turns this accumulated energy into a demon that destroys the seal. From there, it escaped again and wiped out the city, causing death everywhere.

Click Chronicles Idle Hero apk

Download Click Chronicles Idle Hero mod – become a hero with your teammates to find and destroy the demon sealed on the top of Azak mountain.

You will play the role of a hero with a sharp sword in his hand, starting an adventure to win his homeland. You will travel through different lands and fight the monsters here. Just touching the target you want to destroy can cause damage to the opponent. The main character will be helped by his skills and team. You can hatch demon eggs, summon beasts, and collect mascot puzzle pieces. In the beginning, the lands are just small dots. Fight hard to collect puzzle pieces that expand the map. Some gates help players earn more money and items.

Click Chronicles Idle Hero apk free

Character selection

With Click Chronicles Idle Hero, the generals will be different and arbitrary for you to choose. Each champion will have other skills, looks, and goals. In the beginning, it is imperative to select a general that is suitable for your combat purpose. The leader of the group is paramount in a war. Therefore, you need to observe and choose the general with the most suitable playing style for you. In addition, the soldiers in your team also need to gather the best people. Try to create a strong army from oligarchs to members. Defeating monsters will be simpler than ever. Team members will support and complement each other.

Click Chronicles Idle Hero android

Collect and summon demons

Coming to Click Chronicles Idle Hero, fighting demons is no longer strange. But the new point here is that you can hatch demon eggs, and collect, summon and nurture these demons. Then use them to aid you in battles. Knowing the enemy’s elements makes it easier to target your opponent’s weak points. Using enemy troops to hit the enemy is something you never expected. After incubation, it is possible to create mutant animals with a combined appearance from different animals. To successfully hatch devil eggs, collect support stones. Gathering enough sacred stones will increase your pet’s skill stats.

Click Chronicles Idle Hero mod

Hire heroes to join the team

Teamfight is no longer strange in Click Chronicles Idle Hero. But what if you don’t have enough friends to form a complete team? Or you are missing an element that your teammates don’t have. Don’t worry; Click Chronicles Idle Hero makes the ability to hire heroes for you. Which means you can enter shops or factions. Find heroes and soldiers who have the skills you need. Then use money, gems, and puzzle pieces to hire these characters. Each hero will have different requirements. Convince them to join your team and then split the spoils.

Click Chronicles Idle Hero mod apk

Join the exciting Click Chronicles Idle Hero events to collect gems and glowing stars. After collecting all the conditions to form the zodiac star. From there, it is possible to unlock more lands that this star rules. Level up your weapons to increase your combat stats. Unlock more pets and let them join your battle. The combination of plot and gameplay creates logic. Download Click Chronicles Idle Hero mod to become the main character to protect your homeland.

How to Download & Install Click Chronicles Idle Hero MOD APK (Unlimited money) for Android


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