DragonSky MOD APK 1.20.10 (Menu, Auto Merge/Add Fairy)

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NameDragonSky APK
CategoryRole Playing
MOD FeaturesMenu, Auto Merge/Add Fairy
SupportAndroid 5.0+
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MOD Infomation
  • Always Win // Even if you lose, stage will be cleared
  • Instant Clear Stage // Automatically Clears Current Stage – Use it some time after stage begins, when you take some hits. Quickly turn the toggle on and off. Otherwise you may get battle error.

Dragons are imaginary creatures possessing the most powerful powers of all animals. They can blow out flames, acid, or ice to destroy enemies. They even have a huge world in DragonSky with thousands of individuals. The lives of these creatures are being threatened by other monsters. Use your power to drive them away and return peace to the dragons.

As an idle and merge-style game, DragonSky will suit the majority of players. Especially for players who do not have much time for entertainment. It will allow you to leave the network but still ensure your play progress regularly. Simulate a fantasy world full of realistic perspectives. The interface of the system will also help you to manage everything easily. This is a game that you should download and experience when bored.

DragonSky mod free

Download DragonSky mod – Fly to the sky with dragons

As an experienced dragon trainer, proceed to open one of your own dragon camps. Start farming from a low-level dragon and then earn more gold. When the gold is enough, you can buy another dragon of the same level and pair them. When combined will create a new type of dragon even higher level. Just like that, you will have a lot of money to develop more for your farm. Take dragons into battle to continuously collect resources for yourself. From a certain amount, you can buy more dragons with more amazing abilities. The higher the level of the dragon, the greater its productivity will be, and take advantage of these.

You can create an entire army of dragons to have them fight together. The dragons will fight non-stop according to your wishes. Always have to upgrade to ensure your revenue as much as possible. You can choose any dragon with reasonable attributes to add to your squad.

DragonSky mod download

Hundreds of different dragons

Since this is a world of dragons, of course, there will be a high diversity of species. Hundreds of different dragons with unique attributes are available in the store. Each one has a unique and strong design that creates its own beauty. You can choose any dragon you want to increase your strength. Raise them to adulthood and level up to see their transformation through different stages. Each time they evolve, they will change their appearance and increase their strength. Fire dragon, earth dragon, thunder dragon,… All very powerful and dangerous. Based on the number of stars they have, you will easily classify their strength and ability.

DragonSky mod apk

Defeat the boss

Some dragons are different from the rest, growing to a tremendous size. They cause an imbalance and eat all the smaller dragons to satisfy their hunger. All dragons will ally themselves against these bosses. Your dragon team will have to reach a threshold of strength to be able to withstand. Just one breath of the boss is enough to turn everything into ashes in an instant. There needs to be a well-organized strategy for these raids. Under your guidance, dragons can certainly restore peace to the world. A lot of bosses of terrible size are waiting for you.

DragonSky mod apk free

Fight with other players.

Other players are also talented dragon trainers from all over the world. You can test your abilities by fighting them in a 1v1 battle. Your team will play against their team to see which side will fall first. Your results will be judged by the final result of the match. If you win, it proves your ability is not trivial at all. Don’t be discouraged by defeats against stronger people. Make an effort to build yourself an even stronger dragon squad to overcome more opponents. Explore and discover more effective directions for other players.

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Strength Ranking

This is a measure of strength given by DragonSky to evaluate the ability of all players. Only those with the strongest combat power are on this list. It takes a lot of effort to stay on this terrible list. This requires you to have a methodical strategy for yourself during the game. Know how to find dragons that match the trainer’s attributes to improve efficiency. Use all your resources to upgrade important dragons. Don’t waste too much money on things that can’t increase combat power. Together with the DragonSky mod, build a paradise for dragons.

Download DragonSky MOD APK (Menu, Auto Merge/Add Fairy) for Android

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