Imposter Smashers MOD APK (Unlimited money, skins) 1.0.76

Updated 25/04/2023 (5 months ago)
NameImposter Smashers APK
PublisherRocket Game Studio
MOD FeaturesUnlimited money, skins
SupportAndroid 5.0+
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Introduce Imposter Smashers MOD APK

Living in a world full of crooks how will you do? Imposter Smashers will let you experience this feeling. Stay away from the impostors, and hit them by surprise. Hit fast and run fast. Everything is gathered in a small space. Like standing on the same territory. You are equipped with weapons used to destroy other crew members. You will absorb the power of the crew member you knocked down, making you stronger. This is a world that must destroy each other to survive. Fierce and dramatic with fairly simple gameplay. Control it all with just your finger. Dexterity in each move will help you win.

Imposter Smashers is addictive and full of fun to attract players. The publisher has created a unique interface for the game. There are countless challenges from easy to difficult, needing to conquer by players. A very handy game that can be played online to offline. When the opponent sets foot in your sights, they will kill and vice versa. Try not to let your opponent see you. Run away and launch unexpected catches. All things want to destroy the opponent to prevail. You have to be very calm because the enemy is trying to get you into the silkworm. So much fun that comes with it and the ultimate thrill. Let’s go into the game to experience this fear!

Imposter Smashers apk

Download Imposter Smashers mod – Take up arms to destroy cheaters

Just middle and drag you have control of the character. Try hard to be able to run as fast as possible to avoid the enemy. In Imposter Smashers you will have many roles to choose from for the game. Unlimited skills with a variety of items. Don’t worry too much because each game will be an experience for future matches. You have to be smart and careful to stand on the ring to the end. Victory only comes to the one who stays until the end of the game. Simulation of the game is quite good to help you play more fun and perform better. You need a space to practice counting and should not trust anyone, then Imposter Smashers will help you.

Imposter Smashers mod

A diverse cast of characters

The developer has done a great job of bringing a lot of familiar animations to Imposter Smashers. Like Pikachu, Sengoku, and Doraemon,… Intimacy is created from familiar things. Each character has a weapon. The level of lovely shaping of the character is very high. The more games you win, the more money goes into your pocket. Explore each character to see how they own and use weapons. Buy more characters and quality items to create an impressive game table. The higher the character’s level is upgraded, the more new skills will appear. A diverse cast of characters for you to choose from.

Imposter Smashers apk free

Hit and run

The game space is very small so you have to focus on the enemy. A small opening is enough to make you take an enemy’s blow. Each character has a certain amount of vision, you should not fall into the sights. Go kill or be killed based on control skills. Kill any impostor, you will inherit the strength along with the greatness of the body. The range of vision is also, therefore, enhanced, making it easier to see the enemy. Try to hide and aim at the right time to destroy them. The more battles you participate in, the better your agility and reaction will be. Smashing each other to live and collect money is inevitable in this Imposter Smashers.

Imposter Smashers mod apk

Weapons and upgrades

You will not be alone in the arena. The game system will also give you more Pets. Support makes you not alone. The selection of equipment at the beginning of the battle is essential. Weapons in battles are extremely important. The more powerful the weapon, the higher the combat power is. The effect of each weapon when dealing damage to the opponent is different. Swords, bows, hammers, etc. And many more weapon shapes are included in the game. Get ready to take on decisive battles from many enemies right now. Pick the most suitable character and go kill.

Imposter Smashers

A game world full of dangers. Killing and deceiving each other is something you also have to do, don’t give in. Caused by members of the same boat. Do not trust anyone because like that you can be killed at any time. Only you can believe in yourself. Although the game is competitive and killing each other, the shape is very lovely. Opposites are always attractive, right? The drama of Imposter Smashers makes friends when playing and then is hard to get out of. Download Imposter Smashers mod and experience immediately the thrill of the enemy.

How to Download & Install Imposter Smashers MOD APK (Unlimited money, skins) for Android

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