Cinema Panic 2: Cooking game MOD APK (Menu, Unlimited Money) 2.12.2a

Updated 29/09/2023 (4 days ago)
NameCinema Panic 2: Cooking game APK
PublisherBoomware Studio
MOD FeaturesMenu, Unlimited Money
SupportAndroid 5.1 +
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Introduce Cinema Panic 2: Cooking game MOD APK

Become a full-time janitor at the cinema at Cinema Panic 2: Cooking game. Travel to magnificent cities to help customers experience the best service. The journey is long and hard, so don’t waste your efforts. Attract guests by winning the right to screen blockbuster movies. Waking up ticket sales is the key revenue source of the movie theater system. The revenue and success of each theater depend entirely on the control of the player.

The combination of cooking and business feels fresh in terms of experience. Noteworthy mentions will be visible especially about customers. Unique events are an essential but exciting highlight. Upgrade cooking tools to produce more quality products. Competency assessment depends on customer satisfaction.

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Download Cinema Panic 2: Cooking game mod apk – Cooking and managing cinema

Start with a small theater apprentice working hard to gain experience. Prove to the payers to reward that the money they spend is worth it. A quality snack system that is accessible to even the most demanding people. Various fast food is very suitable for sipping while enjoying movie works. Famous products are constantly updated to create media effects to attract more customers to the theater.

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Magic machines and fast food

Terrible demand from customers makes people unable to satisfy. As a result, a series of vending machines and automatic cooking tools were added. Foods such as popcorn, hot dogs, burgers or soft drinks are present and automated. Politely ask what the guest needs and respond to them as soon as possible. Letting them wait for a long time is the worst mistake. You won’t be able to unlock more advanced places until you’ve satisfied them all. Calculate the completion time of each type of food, and allocate and choose the right food. Giving them the wrong thing means a decrease in satisfaction and when patience runs out they will leave.

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Enhance and remodel the cinema

Level up quickly to get the latest equipment for your cinema. It should be noted that as the level of customers becomes more complex, the cinema needs continuous improvement to attract viewers steadily. Feel free to create your movie theater area. Viewer input is still essential, so don’t be too conservative. Every time you level up, there will be exciting events from which to increase your income. Use your income wisely to invest in cinema or cooking equipment, the choice is yours. Do not forget to import quality movies to satisfy customers and increase box office sales.

Irresponsible ticket seller

As a guy whose sole duty was to collect tickets from the people who came to see him, he always worked with a superficial and lifeless attitude. Probably the only reason he hasn’t been fired is that the theater manager hasn’t found a suitable replacement. Income from movie tickets is an equally important source of income from food and other services. That’s why you also have an essential task besides serving guests is to wake this lazy guy from his dream before he lets the crooks leave the cinema without paying for the ticket.

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Extra Features and Daily Quests

Daily quests give the necessary bonus points so complete them. In addition quests or events are also essential indications. There is no limit to the number of plays in a day, collect the maximum rewards from the event and have fun during the bonus period. Next to the main ticket counter are side tasks such as food vending machines, multi-purpose photo booths and gum trees. Don’t worry too much because no one can mess with them. These are also the pickiest places because no one can steal money.

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Difficult guests

Along with technology development in large urban areas, guests pay more to use movie screening services, which are more complex in big cities. Not to mention the increasing number of guests due to the attraction of a series of movie blockbusters, you have to make sure all of them are not bad at stealing money and get the best service. Although they are progressive citizens in urban areas, they are very unconscious. The biggest flaw of the cinema is the ticket collector, which those guys use to make millions. Make the crooks pay the full fare before leaving the cinema. Become the most relaxed employee at Cinema Panic 2: Cooking game mod apk.

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