Civilization Army MOD APK 1.2.4 (God mode/Unlimited money)

Posted 2 months ago by Thuỷ Dương
NameCivilization Army APK
PublisherRadius One
MOD FeaturesGod mode/Unlimited money
SupportAndroid 4.4+
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Civilization Army is an extremely light but still attractive army-building simulation game. Indeed this type of game model is increasingly being used because of its robustness. You were once a soldier in the army and fought with the enemy. But you can only follow the orders of your superiors and carry out the requirements set forth. Have you ever imagined leading and organizing an army? How glorious and proud is that feeling? That’s right. The army game Civilization Army is the game in which you will master the units. Gather and pair them to become a mighty army, defeating countless enemies. Take over the land that was meant to be for you.

The leader will freely transform and organize in such a way to develop the army upward from soldiers with the lowest level to basic and finally super powerful to join the battle. Give it a try, and show your strategy and management skills learned young! This is your chance to try to command a group of people in the future. You must have confidence and have in mind the best strategies for soldiers. The soldiers were flawed and were waiting for someone to command and hold them.

Civilization Army mod

Download Civilization Army mod – army merge

The gameplay in the game is straightforward to operate to upgrade your army. Players only need to gather soldiers of the same level to build an army. Then you will create a whole new army of warriors. For those with low levels, you should transform them into a new type of army. From there, raise the troops and gather them at more substantial levels to be ready for battle. There are 50 different level units for you to collect and merge. When you have mighty armies, they will help you grow. Gold and experience points will be available through the upgraded unit group. From there, you will create a more modern and developed military civilization.

Take over territory

This is the primary purpose of uniting and building an army with powerful soldiers. Prepare for the decisive battle to defeat countless enemies and seize their territory. On the other side of the troops, some bosses commanded the soldiers. Show yourself as the strongest commander and destroy them all! Players will not fight for anything. This will cause fatigue and boredom in this game. If you capture many territories, countless attractive prizes will be waiting for you to own. The reward more or less depends on the efforts of the leader, who is you. Expanding more territories is to show off your most talented army arrangement.

Civilization Army apk

Unit upgrade

To create more and more powerful armies, of course, they must be upgraded. While fighting, the player will collect countless gold and crystals. Use it and invest in weapons like cannons, laser guns, powerful guns,…or vehicles like stealth tanks, steeds, and tanks. Those elements will significantly help the units and upgrade their strength and attack speed. Besides, it also prolongs blood loss time and faster recovery speed. This helps prolong the battle and can overwhelm the other side’s troops. As the level becomes more and more intense, create a larger army to maintain the game well.

Civilization Army mod apk

Idle mode

You must maintain the match continuously if you encounter the standard shooting army types. When you stop, the soldiers will surely lose their lives, leading to the game’s loss. But when it comes to Civilization Army with hands-free mode already installed. Players can rest and watch their battle with the touch of a button. The army of elite soldiers continues to fight to bring rewards and earn money for you. In addition, experience points will still be collected at that time. The commander sat and watched his loot afterward. It’s convenient and worth downloading and playing right away, right?

Without requiring complicated game rules, the game will still give gamers the skills to merge and create unique units. Instead, become the king of the army and show your arrangement strategy. The fertile lands are waiting for a talented king to take over. Are you ready to be the king at the top of the army? Download Civilization Army mod and join your friends to declare war on scheming enemies and take over their territory.

Download Civilization Army MOD APK (God mode/Unlimited money) for Android

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