Survival Legends: Random Skill MOD APK (Menu, Unlimited Money/Points/God mode) 2.1.20

Updated 13/03/2024 (2 months ago)
NameSurvival Legends: Random Skill APK
MOD FeaturesMenu, Unlimited Money/Points/God mode
SupportAndroid 5.1+
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Introduce MOD APK Survival Legends: Random Skill

Fight to survive the siege of monsters on all sides in Survival Legends: Random Skill MOD APK (Menu, Unlimited Money/Points/God mode). The world in which the hero adventured was invaded by demons and blocked the way ahead. On all sides, countless of them chased the hero’s footsteps because they were enemies of each other. If they touch the hero, the evil monsters will attack and harm the hero. You must help your heroes in this world escape the chase of monsters. While running away from monsters, your hero can also attack and destroy them. Level up while escaping the siege monsters and fighting the siege monsters to survive in this world.

Monsters appear everywhere in the hero world and always want to attack everyone. In their journey of discovery, heroes must face their siege one by one. The number of them is enormous, and the heroes cannot fight them. And it would be best if you controlled your hero to constantly move and prevent them from attacking. Monsters won’t be able to reach the heroes as they are continually moving around. Heroes will also attack the monsters while you help them move. Win against the chasing monsters in the battle for survival with powerful skills.

Survival Legends Random Skill android

Download Survival Legends: Random Skill APK mod – Control heroes against siege monsters

Your heroes have faced constant attacks from hordes of enemies who are monsters. The conflict was irreconcilable, and the beast decided to surround the hero and attack them. Heroes won’t hesitate to confront enemies individually, but they don’t. The power of the monsters came from a large number, but the fighting hero was only one. They constantly chase and force the heroes to avoid being attacked by them. But there needs to be a response to the monster, and you will significantly help take the heroes out of enemies’ encirclement and continuously destroy them to stay alive.

Survival Legends Random Skill apk

Massive hordes of monsters

Countless monsters appeared in the monster world and pursued heroes from all directions. Heroes had to constantly run away from attacking monsters and could only attack step by step. It would be best if you took heroes to move through the safest maps and fight monsters. During the journey with the hero, you will see more and more monsters appear. They follow the hero from the map to map and only stop when chasing the hero. You must take the hero and fight continuously while running with hundreds of converging monsters. Witness the crowd of monsters and resolve to bring the surviving hero out of the siege.

Survival Legends Random Skill mod

Random skill

Monsters are always chasing after the hero, and there is no chance for him to fight directly. So the heroes must constantly move to avoid being surrounded and attacked by them. But your hero can do more than passively run away from the monsters. They can reshoot them while constantly moving through the vast map. And you will be the one to help the hero orient his attack and the way to run forward. Heroes you control will be able to gain experience when they defeat monsters. And you are the one who decides the skill that the random hero gets and helps the hero fight.

Survival Legends Random Skill mod apk

Hero’s weapon

Your hero cannot fight empty-handed with monsters, especially when fighting alone. A large number of monsters made the hero unable to ignore them, and he had to prepare his weapons. Since the hero must constantly avoid nightmares, weapons are left around the map. You can see them on the map and control the hero going there. Heroes can take turns picking up equipment and using them to destroy the siege of monsters. Besides, some artifacts help the hero find a way to run away from monsters. Control the hero using weapons on the map and find a way to escape the siege of monsters.

Survival Legends Random Skill free

Your heroes can’t stand against the many monsters in the world. They attack from all sides and chase the hero from place to place until they catch up. To avoid the attack, your hero must constantly move forward. This may be safe for the time being, but the hero also needs to attack the monsters again. Control your hero to keep moving forward and find random battle skills. Help the hero collect weapons on the map and repel the siege of attacking monsters. Download Survival Legends: Random Skill APK 2.1.20 to move forward with the hero against the blockade of monsters.

How to Download & Install Survival Legends: Random Skill MOD APK (Menu, Unlimited Money/Points/God mode) for Android


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