Harvest Bumpers MOD APK (Menu, God mode/Faster Move Speed) 2.0.13

Updated 27/09/2022 (1 year ago)
NameHarvest Bumpers APK
MOD FeaturesMenu, God mode/Faster Move Speed
SupportAndroid 5.0+
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Introduce MOD APK Harvest Bumpers

You will settle with your animals to a new place in the game Harvest Bumpers. A flood has engulfed the earth making friends and pets uninhabitable. You are forced to travel to a new home with your ship to continue to grow. A completely new place to live is a challenge in building a new life with many difficulties. Strange creatures are always lurking around, and every corner is always dangerous. You cannot continue to move because one of them has damaged your ship. Abandoned the idea of ​​finding a safer place and decided to stay in this unexplored fantasy world.

You must overcome the challenge of starting a new life on this not-so-peaceful planet. Because of their appearance, the animals always rush to attack and want to chase you away. That will not happen because the more challenges, the more it arouses your fighting spirit to survive. Build a new area for you and your pets to fight off waves of strange creatures. Others have migrated here as well, and mutual conflict will be inevitable. Defend yourself against attacks and collect more pets from hordes of exotic animals. A new farm with lots of resources and pets is what keeps you safe here.

Harvest Bumpers android 1

Download Harvest Bumpers mod – Build a farm in paradise

Heaven is where people migrated to when the flood happened, and the earth was submerged. Together they used their warships and flew to the potential new land. You are luckier than some people because your number of pets still exists with you. That helps you survive in a place called paradise but no less dangerous. Here you can encounter strange creatures that are rapidly rushing toward you. You can only keep your livestock away because you have nothing on the land. Instead, build your farm and defeat enemies and creatures to expand new lands.

Harvest Bumpers apk 1

Defense farm

Your and others’ intrusion into paradise has offended the creatures here. They will rush to attack everyone, including you, without stopping. You will have to run away from them not only for your safety but also for your pets. However, you also need a farm to rest and defend against their attack. Here you can build structures to attack waves of strange creatures. You can also trap animals to tame them and bring them into the herd. It’s an experience that you can now attack creatures that only attack you.

Harvest Bumpers free 1

Collect hundreds of creatures

Creatures in heaven with a different shape from the pets you domesticated on earth. This will be an opportunity for you to discover new species in your pet collection. The only animal list on land that is only pets is now an opportunity to name new species. You can collect them from their attacks on your farm. Confine them on the farm and tame them with daily life as farm animals. You can also go out to trap them and bring them back to the farm to study more about paradise. Learn the characteristics of each species and breed with each other to create many new species of creatures.

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Defeat all enemies

You are not the only one traveling to heaven because of the disaster of the earth’s flood. Migrating with you are the people who bring their pets and their new lives here. They will also know how to set up a farm to fight the fierce creatures in heaven. Maybe some people will want to attack you to expand their land, and you have to face them. But your common enemy and newcomers are the creatures here. They always want to shoot to drive you and everyone away from where they have been for a long time. But your ship has broken down and must respond if you want to build a new life.

Harvest Bumpers mod 1

The catastrophic flood that has swept away includes your life and everyone on earth. Now you must move to a new unexplored place to rebuild your life. You will soon realize it is a land full of dangerous, strange creatures far from earth. Every animal is always coming to attack, so you can’t settle here and chase you away. The ship has been devastated, and you must survive the creature by building a farm. This will be where you start your life again and collect many new animals. Download Harvest Bumpers mod to create a new life in paradise and overcome the creature challenge.

How to Download & Install Harvest Bumpers MOD APK (Menu, God mode/Faster Move Speed) for Android


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