Beatstar – Touch Your Music MOD APK (Auto Perfect/High Score)

Updated 10/04/2024 (2 months ago)
NameBeatstar – Touch Your Music APK
PublisherSpace Ape
MOD FeaturesAuto Perfect/High Score
SupportAndroid 6.0+
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Introduce MOD APK Beatstar – Touch Your Music

Show off your great musical taste in Beatstar – Touch Your Music MOD APK (Auto Perfect/High Score). Music games always combine with rhythm elements for players to get used to and create their music instead of listening to it. It is this interaction that helps players improve their reflexes. At the same time, the perception of music is also significantly increased. Beatstar – Touch Your Music was also developed with the same purpose. Turn a simple song into a place for you to show off your skills. Rely on tone and reflexes to capture the most precise elements. Complete the song perfectly and always get the maximum score.

Beatstar – Touch Your Music APK mod offers a system that closely resembles many of its predecessor music games. You will follow the on-screen instructions to catch the tunes in the song. Accompanied by a bit of change to match the player’s experience. Avoid creating a complicated feeling like when the musician composed the song. Precise timing to complete the entire song perfectly. Sometimes it takes a bit of personal skill. But that’s okay. Just practice and persevere. You will be able to play many of your favorite works.

Beatstar Touch Your Music mod

Download Beatstar – Touch Your Music mod – Feel the music with your fingers on the screen

Each song in Beatstar – Touch Your Music APK will have its way of playing. Their only thing in common is that the game rules are the same. Just know how to play one song, and you will be able to play the rest. Specifically, there are three areas on the screen representing where the tunes move. Music keys will appear and move from top to bottom of the screen. You have to press the music keys to create the melody and start the song. If you skip any music key, it will be counted as a slip, and you lose a certain number of points. The goal of most players is to complete the song without a single keystroke.

There are many music keys for players to distinguish and press in different ways. Music keys with normal horizontal notes. You just need to click on them. When pressed for music keys with arrows, you must hold your finger and point to the direction that the arrow is pointing. These musical keys make your gameplay more varied. Avoid the game from becoming monotonous and boring. Don’t underestimate the difficulty of Beatstar – Touch Your Music MOD APK. The more in the climax stages, the faster the speed will be. At this point, everything will entirely depend on your reflexes.

Beatstar Touch Your Music mod apk

Hundreds of familiar songs

Of course, what we want to experience is playing and listening to music simultaneously. Beatstar – Touch Your Music offers hundreds of songs from artists from all over the world. Diverse genres from pop, ballad, EDM, country music… Depending on the genre, the game screen will also be different. For example, EDM songs will have many music keys moving faster and faster than usual. The music keys in country songs often move slowly and simply for the player to relax. However, every lesson will have its difficulty level. The highest difficulty always requires accuracy and impressive reflexes. The most important goal is to get the maximum score.

Beatstar Touch Your Music mod apk free

Interesting collection system

All songs will not be unlocked at the beginning for you to play fully. They will be locked and need you to do a quest to get them. Most quests will take the form of multiple achievements in certain tracks. One factor determines your performance in a song, and that is the stars. After a specific song, if you do not slide any music keys, you will be rated with the maximum number of stars. Use stars to unlock more new and more challenging songs. Unlocking all the songs in the game will be a long journey. Enjoy them slowly and add more great songs to your playlist.

Beatstar Touch Your Music mod free

Challenge with friends

When you have become more proficient and achieved specific achievements, why not try to compete with others to see who is better. Online PvP mode is something that many people love and play every day. You will find many other players in the world. Challenge them to the same song on any difficulty. At the end of the match, it will be based on the number of lost music keys of both to determine the winner and loser. Your results will be recorded on the world leaderboard. Show everyone your extreme musical sensibility. Beat every highly skilled player to climb to the challenging top.

Beatstar Touch Your Music free

Music games appear almost any time in the market. Certain factors make up the success of a music game. The most important factors are making players feel comfortable listening to their favorite songs, but sometimes it is difficult and challenging the player’s skills. All of them fully converge in Beatstar – Touch Your Music mod.

How to Download & Install Beatstar – Touch Your Music MOD APK (Auto Perfect/High Score) for Android


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8 months ago

Please update, best and fast mods site!

1 year ago

Thank you because the game is according to my wishes
But just playing immediately told to update
Because there is already a newer version, we request gamedva for the latest version of the game
I’ll be waiting for the update, thanks GAMEDVA

Dim Murk
Dim Murk
1 year ago

The mod is great! Update please 🥺 🙏

1 year ago

game mod not working

1 year ago

New version please

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