Beat Roller MOD APK (Unlimited money, no ads) 1.39

Updated 07/10/2021 (3 years ago)
NameBeat Roller APK
MOD FeaturesUnlimited money, no ads
SupportAndroid 5.0+
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Introduce MOD APK Beat Roller

Music is something that always makes a person’s mood and intelligence become better. Music can be anywhere in life. And now music also appears in attractive entertainment games. Beat Roller is one of the famous music games. Beat Roller is a new music genre game released by the producer AMANOTES PTE LTD. This will be the game that will satisfy most of everyone’s music needs. The game has a huge collection of songs and is popular all over the world.

Coming to Beat Roller you can drop yourself along the fascinating rhythmic currents. Simple gameplay will help you adapt quickly to the levels. Each level of the game has a certain difficulty level. So you can both challenge your skills while enjoying great music. Beat Roller will lead you to a beautiful galaxy sky with attractive 3D graphics. From different special effects to create a sense of excitement for players. You will be able to control a small universal ball and conquer the music paths in Beat Roller. Also, earn rewards from the levels.

Beat Roller mod

Beat Roller mod version

  • Unlimited money. (Diamonds do not decrease when buying balls)
  • No ads when opening songs, balls and receiving diamonds at the end of the game.

Download Beat Roller mod – Feel the endless music

At the beginning of the game, you will receive a few small instructions to get familiar with the game. For music games, rhythm is very important. Feeling the rhythm of the game will help you win more easily. In this game, you will have to control the rhythm ball to move to the music. Your task is to be very skillful to overcome the obstacles. Examples include domes, spikes and solid walls. In addition, you have to pay attention to the speed of the ball to be able to roll in the correct position and catch up with the rhythm of the music you choose. When you reach the finish line, your performance will be judged by how much stars you get.

Beat Roller mod free

Simple gameplay

Beat Roller has a way of playing that is not difficult at all. Just a few simple steps you can master the game. However, you must have high concentration. First, to control the direction of the ball, you must hold and drag the ball to move in the direction you want. You need to prepare yourself for a spirit of high concentration and dexterity. This will make sure you avoid all obstacles and roll through the arches with ease. Try not to rush into the wall! If you make any of the above errors, you can fail. When the tracks are finished you can get coins and gems.

Beat Roller mod download

Rich music

The game will bring you a huge collection of songs. All are famous songs and a timeless soundtrack. The game is full of genres of music. Starting from gentle ballads to exciting rock songs. You will listen to a myriad of familiar and famous music again. For example, Alan Walker’s Faded or some songs from popular bands like Maroon 5, … Soundtracks like My Heart will go on will take you back to the time with a beautiful love story called Titanic. . The game will surely satisfy music lovers. Try to collect coins and gems to unlock more songs that you love.

Beat Roller mod apk

Impressive graphics

With this impressive music game genre, the graphics are also something that music lovers are interested in. Beat Roller is set in beautiful galaxies. 3D graphics combined with special lighting effects make the scene even more beautiful. The musical pathways with many meticulously designed obstacles. You will have both a starry sky and planets around. Every step of the rhythm ball in the game has eye-catching accompanying effects. Effects such as moving light trails, impact or fireworks effect after the song ends will make players even more excited.

Beat Roller mod android

Beat Roller will melt your heart with every beat. The music in the game is endless. Following the rolling ball’s footprint, you can see the galaxy universe ahead of you. The game is suitable for all ages. It will help you have relaxing moments. What could be better than being able to entertain and listen to music at the same time after stressful working hours? Beat Roller will make your mood always happy and happy. Download Beat Roller mod to enjoy the wonderful music world with hundreds of popular songs today.

How to Download & Install Beat Roller MOD APK (Unlimited money, no ads) for Android


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