Castle Defender: Fortress Hero MOD APK 1.1.05 (Unlimited Money)

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NameCastle Defender: Fortress Hero APK
MOD FeaturesUnlimited Money
SupportAndroid 4.4+
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Castle Defender: Fortress Hero is a tower defense strategy game with various battle scenes. The hordes of invaders are coming relentlessly; it’s time for you to protect the world. Players will build defense towers; each tower will have a different type of attack. When deciding what kind of tower to make, strategic thinking is required. Enemies will be more and more crowded in each wave of attacks; try to protect the stronghold. And to be able to confront formidable enemies, players need to upgrade the towers. Every time you kill an enemy, the amount of gold on the game screen will increase, and you use it to boost. Create your defense strategy.

Any individual starting with defense games often finds it challenging to keep up with the gameplay. Although not a game that requires a lot of hand manipulation like shooting games or Moba games. However, defense games need gamers to have a specific calculation. There is also a situation analysis to build optimal defense towers. Castle Defender: Fortress Hero is also a game that requires those elements from the player. But don’t stress, the game will guide you with enough information to get used to. On the first screen, all the tasks of choosing the tower location and the type of tower are displayed. An operation like starting the battle and clicking to upgrade is also effortless.

Castle Defender Fortress Hero mod

Download Castle Defender: Fortress Hero mod – Build a defense to protect the land

In your land, which is peaceful, but one day, mysterious creatures come here. The land that was initially rich and beautiful was no longer the same due to the fearsome invasion. There is no other way; you must destroy and drive away all those hideous creatures. Each land will have specialized areas for players to build defensive towers. Now is the time for your strategic thinking to be fully utilized and exploited. Different enemies need suitable buildings to suppress them. There will be towers calling for warriors to attack melee and archer towers to attack from a distance. In a critical situation, you also need additional skills.

Castle Defender Fortress Hero apk

Tactical castle defense

The first thing before really experiencing Castle Defender: Fortress Hero, you need to understand how a level works. At the beginning of the game screen, on the battlefield, there will be areas where you can build towers in those lands, areas near where the enemy appears, with a place at the end of the road. This means that you can stop the enemy in their entire path. Next is the amount of gold; the beginning of the game will give you a sufficient amount of gold to build a tower. Choose defensive towers that match your initial funding. When setting up the towers, calculate the remaining plots of land to use for which building. You will press the start button to start the game screen; the enemy will appear in the place where the skull is surrounded by red. Each enemy destroyed will bring back the amount of gold for that level. Use that gold to upgrade the tower, or use it to buy a new building; the decision is up to you.

Castle Defender Fortress Hero android

Various types of towers

In the world of Castle Defender: Fortress Hero, gamers will be able to choose four types of original towers. That is the soldier tower, archer tower, mage tower, and cannon tower, each with a function. As for the soldier tower, this is the type of tower that helps create a barracks with melee soldiers. This type of tower is often used to hold back enemies; they must stop to fight. When this warrior lays down, another warrior will spawn at the end of the cooldown. Next is the archer tower, with the effect of summoning skilled marksmen to fight. Needless to say, you also understand that this type of tower is used to attack enemies from a distance. With tower type, when completed, will summon an all-powerful mage. This mage has to create magical power containing effects on enemies. Finally, the cannon tower, where cannons can shoot with terrible damage. Need to mix and match tower types.

Castle Defender Fortress Hero apk free

Many auxiliary skills

To help gamers in defense of their land, the game has unique skills. These skills both have damage, have effects, and, of course, need a cooldown. So, you need to remember that only use them when necessary, in the most dangerous situation. The first skill is the ability to create a rain of ice in a specified area. This skill is quite almighty when it can both deal damage and freeze enemies. The second summoner skill summons flaming meteors. The next skill is quite interesting, helping to create a magic ball that teleports the enemy. This skill can repel enemies, sending them back to where they came from.

Castle Defender Fortress Hero mod apk

If you are looking for a charismatic tower defense game, Castle Defender: Fortress Hero is for you. The game’s levels are always challenging enough to make you serious in every moment of the experience. Download Castle Defender: Fortress Hero mod to build suitable defense towers, repel all scary creatures and protect your land.

Download Castle Defender: Fortress Hero MOD APK (Unlimited Money) for Android

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