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NameCartoon City 2 APK
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SupportAndroid 4.1+
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To build a city, we need a lot of money and human resources. Construction from buildings to residents living in the city is perfect. But you will not need to do so if you come to the Cartoon City 2 game. It will help you create a city as you want without spending anything. Become the incredible mayor to help your city thrive. Do everything smart and calculated.

Games in the form of construction and management are often loved and sought by many people. Cartoon City 2 gives you a concrete model to effectively manage it yourself. Compared to the first part, in this version, there will be many valuable improvements. From the image to the way of operation, there are relatively many additions. New cool themes will be included for you to customize to your liking. Grow without limits and quickly achieve your goals.

Cartoon City 2 mod free

Download Cartoon City 2 mod –  Create your own dream paradise

Big ideas are always possible to take and make work. As an entrepreneur full of great economic potential, you will do your job. Start building ordinary houses for people to have a place to live. Then they will work, and you have more money to build other structures. Just like that, creating a city that is always working non-stop. Arrange the houses in the desired positions and create a new metropolis. Take advantage of any monetization available in this game. Accelerate production activities to get products to market.

If the build becomes slow, you can speed it up. By spending a certain amount of gems, it is possible to complete the construction process. You cannot overdo this function because the number of diamonds is limited. Everything takes time to develop and master in a calculated way.

Cartoon City 2 mod download

Various projects

The works will be the key for you to produce the necessary items for the market. From the fast-food business to the production of milk, clothing,… You have the option to set up factories that fit the purpose. It will work on its own continuously, and you have to harvest. However, building these manufacturing plants also requires a large amount of money. It would help if you accumulated smartly to afford these. It is possible to build many of the same factories to increase the efficiency obtained. Open services to serve people’s needs, such as cafes, restaurants, or shops, to stimulate shopping demand.

Cartoon City 2 mod apk

Build farms

It’s not just modern things that can be economically viable for you. Agricultural products are also a promising and effective source of income. It is possible to set up farms in the suburbs to start growing the necessary food crops. Raise livestock such as cows, pigs, or chickens for them to grow. The resulting products will be eggs, milk, meat, and countless other useful things. After harvesting, you will find it has a superior quantity over other items. The amount collected into his fund is also more than usual. A perfect combination of urban and rural areas will create a place that attracts many people.

Cartoon City 2 mod android


A large city cannot be without means of transportation to move more conveniently. Create vehicles such as cars, planes, or trucks to circulate on the road. In addition, large vehicles such as trains or ships are also beneficial for transporting goods. It is possible to export everything in bulk thanks to these means. Utilize every resource to take your products anywhere in the world. Create the largest business market with many attractive products. Residents will also be comfortable traveling on luxurious and sparkling yachts. Make the city’s tourism industry stronger.

If you want to improve tourism, you can open zoos. Curious visitors will come and admire the wild animals of nature. You will also benefit greatly from these productive activities. Improve to the zoo to have more animals and a more spacious landscape. Welcoming many other groups of guests to experience more new things. Cartoon City 2 mod has a lot of great things for you to add to your city. Play by yourself to be able to feel the new things in the game.

Download Cartoon City 2 MOD APK (Free upgrade) for Android

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