NERF: Superblast MOD APK (Unlimited ammo,No Reload, No recoil) 1.12.0

Updated 19/02/2024 (7 days ago)
NameNERF: Superblast APK
PublisherNitro Games Oyj
MOD FeaturesUnlimited ammo,No Reload, No recoil
SupportAndroid 7.0+
Get it onGoogle Play

Introduce MOD APK NERF: Superblast

NERF: Superblast is an action shooting game but does not contain elements of violence or horror in the game. Characters in the game are designed in 3D animation style close to the player. Instead of killing people like other shooters. NERF: Superblast makes up players with the purpose of teasing their neighbors. Use the paper bullets provided and the toy gun to shoot the people you want to tease without letting them know. If they know you’re teasing them, the people being teased will come back to chase and attack you. Instead of having fun, it’s going to be a race to escape.

The control gameplay of NERF: Superblast is quite simple and easily familiar. After choosing the desired character, the player is taken into a certain area. Equipped with a gun and a hiding place to track the target on the screen. When your target is not paying attention, fire continuously immediately by touching the target on the screen. The target’s stamina score is displayed by the number above their head. When this number approaches zero, their stamina is gradually exhausted. End your suffering and anger with a flower-like explosion. Continuously reloading and reloading the gun so there is no interruption in the middle of the fight.

NERF Superblast mod apk

Download NERF: Superblast mod – Tease your friends and neighbors by shooting paper bullets in their ass

Intro to NERF: Superblast has a tutorial level for the characters to get used to maneuvers and directions. Follow the charcoal green energy cans encased in a circle of electroluminescent light. After collecting all ten cans of this energy, it is to a shooting range. This place has round cannonballs with red circles inside. After shooting down, all these targets will enter the battle with the red robots. Inside a steamhouse, two teams battle each other. The red team consists of 3 robots, the blue team has friends and two other blue robots. Those who are enemies will have a red border appear all over them.

NERF Superblast android

Gun Collection

Entering the store of NERF: Superblast, players will be overwhelmed with the massive gun collection here. Trendy models, attractive colors, designs that hit the players’ visuals. In addition to the other attractive features are outstanding features with extremely high damage and fire rate. The red Magnus gun stands out with the white mega inscription. The white Five is combined with the era orange, Ultra blue text. Or the red Cycloneshock with a gray 4-round cartridge. Or the blue Warden 88 with a 4-round warhead. Each shot is four bullets in a row, which is convenient for players. The 5-star Blue Elite gun reduces enemies by 2 points per shot.

NERF Superblast apk free

Costume, dance

Not only can the combat guns change, but there are also different skins and dances in the store. Trip set with all green clothes and long black hair. The default PryszardGaming character from the beginning wears jeans and an orange bomber jacket. Ninja with yellow outfit and gray mask and matching gloves. Or the cowboy boy with a striking pink bob, with a light blue star on his shirt. The giant Hulk with green skin and ragged clothes is also here. Every time they click on a character in the store, they dance a fancy dance under the light of the performance lights.

NERF Superblast mod

Gun upgrade

If you keep fighting with a gun that fires a single bullet with a high delay, it is very difficult to win in the long run. Therefore, it is necessary to upgrade the guns to increase the combat power and speed of your gun. Click on one of the guns the player wants to upgrade. Upgradable guns will flash on the screen, and the words Upgrade will appear in green. There are three primary levels: increase combat power, increase speed and increase accuracy. Each upgrade will cost a certain amount of gold. If you can upgrade to the legendary version, when upgrading, there is a shoe with angel wings on both sides. Unlock more skills, increase the number of rounds for your gun.

NERF Superblast apk

The terrain of NERF: Superblast is also very diverse through each level. Simulate locations from deserts, beaches, train tracks, castles, etc. The higher the level, the more new locations you can unlock. Knowing that the difficulty of the game will increase gradually, but proportional to that is the reward and experience. There are also special events that feature cool costumes and guns. There is a pet event where the player unlocks a shark-shaped outfit. There are also bonuses like the green energy box. Download NERF: Superblast mod shoot each other with friends and neighbors with paper bullets.

How to Download & Install NERF: Superblast MOD APK (Unlimited ammo,No Reload, No recoil) for Android


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