Brain Test: Tricky Words MOD APK (Unlimited hints) 1.3.2

Updated 06/04/2024 (2 weeks ago)
NameBrain Test: Tricky Words APK
PublisherUnico Studio
MOD FeaturesUnlimited hints
SupportAndroid 4.4+
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Introduce MOD APK Brain Test: Tricky Words

Brain Test: Tricky Words is a suitable game for you if you want to test your English vocabulary and relax. Are you confident in your English vocabulary and thinking ability? Have you ever asked how many English words you can remember? And if you are a fan of intellectual games like chasing pictures, puzzles, etc., don’t forget to skip this game. Brain Test: Tricky Word is a collection of puzzles from easy to complex. The most important thing is that you must know English. Prepare yourself with solid English baggage. Enter and conquer the mysterious crosswords in Brain Test: Tricky Words.

When participating in Brain Test: Tricky Words, you will think that learning and reviewing English vocabulary has never been so enjoyable. For each level, you will be given a question. Your task will have to find the right crossword for that question. However, there will be times when you feel a puzzle is too complex. And you can’t find the correct answer to solve it. Don’t worry because there is help in the game. An attractive quiz game can make you fall in love with the first crosswords. The ability to think will be a determining factor in how capable you are. Prove and confirm to everyone your English ability.

Brain Test Tricky Words mod

Download Brain Test: Tricky Words mod – You are the master of English vocabulary

Brain Test: Tricky Words is one of the recent top crossword puzzle games. Entering this test, you will see what your English level is lacking. Brain Test: Tricky Words will bring hundreds of different quizzes. The questions are interwoven to test your vocabulary and your English reading comprehension skills. The higher the level, the more difficulty the sentences will gradually increase. It sounds like Brain Test: Tricky Words will not be suitable for those who want to play conquest games highly. But I believe you can get caught up in the game without knowing it.

Brain Test Tricky Words apk

Various English quizzes

There will be two common question types in the game. In the first question type, you will use pictures with suggested words (if any) to answer correctly. For example, the image will have three letters headed by POL with an ice cube. What do you think is the answer to the puzzle? Will the solution be Police (Pol + ice)? And the second type of question will be a question in English. You need to read and think to find the correct answer. When you have found the solution that matches the query. To complete the question, you need to type the letters in the tiles below. You will get five bulbs with each corresponding correct answer.

Brain Test Tricky Words mod apk

Find help in the game

There will be many difficult questions, so don’t hesitate to use the available help. The number of light bulbs you own determines how much help you can get. There is a wide variety of services available. The magnifying glass will help you find the answer to that question. Or when you encounter a complex question that leaves you with no explanation. You can skip those questions to the next one by using the double arrow icon. If there are too many answers that make you confused, choose the suggestion of each letter. Also, you can watch promotional videos, open gift boxes, or spin the wheel of fortune to get more help.

Brain Test Tricky Words android

Get daily rewards

The daily gifts in Brain Test: Tricky Words are also one of the beautiful things in the game. You can get extra light bulbs or discount codes to buy items in Brain Test: Tricky Words. These gifts will motivate you to try to overcome the questions every day. On the road to success, difficulties are inevitable. Try to overcome your own limits and limit relying on suggestions. Try to complete the crosswords based on your ability.

Brain Test Tricky Words apk free

Brain Test: Tricky Words give you high thinking ability with challenging crosswords and various English words. This will be a significant challenge. But it will also bring new knowledge and vocabulary to those with relatively little English. As for those of you who are good at English. Brain Test: Tricky Words will be a light entertainment game for everyone. There is nothing better than after a hard-working day. You can sit down with your friends or family to play Brain Test: Tricky Words. Download Brain Test: Tricky Words mod to learn, play, play, and learn with a vast treasure of English vocabulary.

How to Download & Install Brain Test: Tricky Words MOD APK (Unlimited hints) for Android


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