Candy Friends Forest MOD APK (Unlimited hammer, rocket) 1.3.7

Updated 22/05/2024 (4 weeks ago)
NameCandy Friends Forest APK
MOD FeaturesUnlimited hammer, rocket
SupportAndroid 4.4+
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Introduce MOD APK Candy Friends Forest

Candy Friends Forest game form is no longer strange to all players. Highly entertaining, using tactical paths. The shape of the game is extremely lovely with eye-catching vivid effects. Can play with friends to connect more friendship. The game is quite popular with many 9x young people and has not cooled down until now. The benefits and how to play will be guided specifically when you enter the game. It is exactly a worldwide addictive game. Candy Friends Forest is a place where you have to use both your brain and skills. Add to that cleverly choosing to use items at the right time.

A cute game that brings sweetness to players. Every day you play, you will collect attractive rewards. Candy Friends Forest helps you eliminate free time like waiting for someone. The game also does not require an internet connection, so playing anywhere is possible. The animals are shaped very cute, the game colors are cheerful. A lot of things combine that the game has made such an impact. Have you tried it yet? It can be addictive for you. Because this has been verified by many participating players. Think carefully when you want Candy Friends Forest to be on your device.

Candy Friends Forest android

Download Candy Friends Forest mod – taste the sweetness in each game

The gameplay of Candy Friends Forest is quite simple, you just need to connect 3 candy babies in a straight line. The way to play here is just a summary for you to imagine. There are very specific instructions in the game. When connected a sufficient number of special effects will occur extremely eye-catching. Everything will be fine because there is help from the game as soon as you step in. When connecting more and more Candy babies, your support items will appear. Obstacles will disappear if near the item. Candy Friends Forest is not addictive, but why are so many people addicted? Follow the highlights of the game as follows.

Candy Friends Forest

Hundreds of different ways to play

In Candy Friends Forest, there is a variety of ways to play. Many forms have created a special interest in the game. Each gate will change the map as well as the obstacles. You must find and follow the right path to be able to decipher each zone. Maybe the maze has no way out, maybe it’s the countdown. Using your mind in the right direction, creating as many support items will be more beneficial for your game. You need to destroy the obstacles, it can be flower bushes, wooden crates, stones, … . Victory will be yours when all the obstacles are blown up. When the obstacle is allowed to disappear, you feel very comfortable and relieved.

Candy Friends Forest apk free

Create a lovely game

Candy babies in the game are shaped by familiar animals around us. Help increase the connection between players with Candy Friends Forest. The expressions of the shapes are extremely diverse. The game is for most adults but has a child’s soul. Each match may appear new members to avoid boredom with the game. Can be cute pink rabbits, bears, or chickens. Or dogs with cool expressions. For those who love cuteness and sweetness, this game will be extremely suitable. The cuteness always appears throughout Candy Friends Forest. Let’s connect with a lot of these sweet candy babies.

Candy Friends Forest apk

Powerful Item

Connecting as many candy babies will appear items corresponding to the number of babies. In addition, if you log in every day, you will also be given external items to help you when you encounter a secret situation. Items can be colorful booms or giant sweets. There are many new shapes you have to experience gradually later. You will be addicted to the feeling when the explosions that the items create. The explosion effect must be said to be very eye-catching for the player. The power is higher when the number of similar Candy babies combines. Owning as many items in the game, the victory is within your reach. Candy Friends Forest is an extremely popular game that supports up to 16 languages. There are hundreds of stages and are constantly updated.

Candy Friends Forest mod

Beat the boredom of players. The game is quite simple, but you still have to use strategy to win. The difficulty will be gradually increased, so be careful. Games that can be played all the time with high entertainment are considered top. Free time doing nothing has helped you through. The above things make the game attractive, so have you wanted to have Candy Friends Forest on your device yet? Download Candy Friends Forest mod connected with the things you like.

How to Download & Install Candy Friends Forest MOD APK (Unlimited hammer, rocket) for Android


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