BoxMerge JP MOD APK (Unlimited Boosters) 1.2.4

Updated 13/07/2024 (1 week ago)
NameBoxMerge JP APK
PublisherTT INC.
MOD FeaturesUnlimited Boosters
SupportAndroid 7.0+
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Introduce MOD APK BoxMerge JP

BoxMerge JP MOD APK challenges your puzzle-solving ability at challenging levels. You will be tasked with overcoming puzzles in the new world by combining boxes. These are not normal items but will be boxes with numbers. The numbers on it will change if you combine two boxes with the same two digits. And you have complete freedom in the puzzle-solving process when throwing out your boxes. However, the space to solve the puzzle is small, and you must be careful not to fail. Get ready for box missions to overcome exciting puzzle challenges.

You can stimulate and increase your IQ in puzzle challenges in the new world. They are puzzles that combine wooden boxes and will represent each number. And when you start your mission, you’ll see what you need to do: assemble them. You will then have a new box with the number being the sum of the two wooden boxes you used. But the largest number you can generate is 2048, which is also your goal. So, you need to arrange the boxes so their position does not prevent you from solving the puzzle. Start puzzle levels that combine wooden boxes and prove your puzzle-solving talent.

BoxMerge JP mod

Download BoxMerge JP MOD APK – Combine boxes and successfully pass puzzles

You will start your puzzle levels and experience completely new challenges. Instead of matching 3 objects or items, you will solve puzzles by combining blocks. They are boxes, and on them are written numbers that increase exponentially. And you will solve puzzles by combining them to create bigger numbers. At the same time, their colour will change so you can recognize them and solve the puzzle more easily. So, you can exercise your brain through the levels while solving puzzles. Show off your ability to conquer puzzles with the most convincing victories.

BoxMerge JP apk

Combine boxes

The objects you use to solve puzzles are boxes with block shapes. And your task is to combine them to get boxes with new numbers. They will increase exponentially starting from number 2, so you will easily get used to that mechanism. But arranging and combining is only easy in the initial levels for you to experience. Later, it would be best to devise strategies to solve puzzles and pass levels. So, these are challenges that test your thinking and logic abilities. Combine wooden boxes in levels with your puzzle skills in BoxMerge JP MOD APK.

BoxMerge JP mod apk

Conquer the levels

You’ll toss boxes into a puzzle area to begin your challenges. And that’s just the beginning of the puzzle missions you need to get through to emerge victorious. Each box will have a number, so you have to decide where to throw them. By combining two similar boxes, you will get closer to creating the number 2048. But to do that, you must persevere throughout the puzzle-solving process for a long time. So you have to think carefully before making your decisions. Explore puzzle missions that combine wooden boxes and try to get the highest score.

BoxMerge JP free

Improve IQ

To solve the puzzle levels, you need to achieve a score of 2048 when combining wooden boxes. Combining them only starts from number 2, so you need to spend a lot of time-solving the puzzle. So, you must persevere in tossing and creating new numbers until you pass the challenge. Besides, you must devise strategies to arrange wooden boxes in appropriate positions. So you can improve your IQ during the puzzle process. However, puzzles aim to entertain, and you should have fun. Improve your IQ in challenging puzzle levels.

BoxMerge JP android

You will decide to take on brand-new puzzle missions with confidence. And at different levels, you need to combine boxes with each number. They will form new boxes with larger numbers until you reach 2048. However, you need the skill to throw the boxes into the most appropriate position. This will challenge your thinking and reaction abilities while solving puzzles. So if you practice well, you can improve and win the fastest. Download BoxMerge JP MOD APK to conquer puzzles combined with your top puzzle-solving skills.

How to Download & Install BoxMerge JP MOD APK (Unlimited Boosters) for Android


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