Save the puppy MOD APK (Unlimited money, keys) 1.2.9

Updated 18/08/2023 (10 months ago)
NameSave the puppy APK
PublisherApero Game Publishing
MOD FeaturesUnlimited money, keys
SupportAndroid 7.0+
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Introduce MOD APK Save the puppy

Save the puppy is a puzzle game that is rising as a trend in the online gaming community. It attracts a lot of users because of its brain-hacking gameplay, that is still extremely funny. Your job is simply to protect the puppy from evil honey bees. There is a yellow bee hive above, which is home to a swarm of honey bees with sharp stingers. They are trying to attack your cute baby uncle. The player is provided with a pencil. With just one stroke, you must draw a protective barrier that no bees can get in. Tap to draw a line and lift your hand when you decide to end that guard line.

Save the puppy is an infinite level game, each level is challenging dog rescue. There are many possible scenarios at each level. The other first levels are simple, but later on, the difficulty increases as your level increases. The first screen, the player is also instructed on how to play. By having a red fuzzy dashed protection line. Just follow the dashed line that the player can easily pass the first screen. The difficulty is that these bees are quite small, and they can fly in from all directions. Note that the player must not draw a line across the dog because that will cause it to be injured.

Save the puppy mod

Download Save the puppy mod – Use your strokes to save the puppy from the attack of wasps.

In addition to the attack of the bees, the player also has to draw carefully so that the dog does not fall into the surrounding pitfalls. Depending on the creativity of the player, it is possible to draw any shape as long as it is in one stroke. Use your creativity to create interesting drawings while still protecting the dog. It is possible to draw a circle around the bees. Or draw a picture of a long car blocking the abyss. Just avoid the bee swarm and not fall into the abyss. The shorter the line, the more stars the player gets. Follow the orange line with the yellow lines to see how many stars this level has.

Save the puppy mod apk

Hundreds of puzzles

Save the puppy has hundreds of puzzles waiting for you to put a pen to solve. There is never a repetition or similarity between the two levels, so players never get bored. Each level is timed while the player puts the brush. Keep an eye on the descending blue numbers in the upper right corner of the screen. As soon as these numbers return to 0, the bees will fly out of the hive to attack you. There are times when you have already drawn an arched line that covers the dog. The bees that attack so fast cause this road to channel up. If a bee flies in, your dog will also be stung for swelling.

Save the puppy apk

Obstacles and challenges

As mentioned above, the levels will be different, so the obstacles will also change through each level. If it is simply on a lawn, there are water holes or deep pools. Sometimes the puppy is placed on a small strip of land in the air, if it falls off, it means death. There are also spears and torches embedded in the bottom. Or when the dog is in the air, below is a set of bows and arrows sticking straight up. Lines must be drawn so as to avoid swarms of bees flying from above but also to prevent collisions with the same name when falling to the ground. There are also brown wooden crates planted on top of each other, if they split and fall, they will die.

Save the puppy apk free

Dog expression

The puppy in Save the puppy is represented with only one head. But the expression on its face is very diverse, going through all emotions. At first, just a cute face, calm before the storm. His face was scared, his face was sweaty, his ears were closed and trembling. If you pass the game screen, the dog will show a sly smiley face. When stung by a bee, tears flow, and the head is full of red swollen spots. His face smiled wryly, and his ears stood up amusedly. The dog’s expression changes every second, experiencing different emotions. When the player has passed all the challenges, a green tick will appear.

Save the puppy android

After winning the game screen, you can collect gold coins with the bone icon above. Players can use them to purchase additional emotes. Buy more decorations for the dog, like a neck bow or headband. The game is too difficult, players can watch promotional videos to get hints. Click on the yellow light bulb if playing too many turns still does not pass. Download Save the puppy mod to rescue the puppy from wasps.

How to Download & Install Save the puppy MOD APK (Unlimited money, keys) for Android


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