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Updated 29/05/2024 (4 weeks ago)
NameBlossom APK
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SupportAndroid 7.0+
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Introduce MOD APK Blossom

Nature, trees, flowers, and succulent fruits, also known as plants, will surely be the favorite field and the passion of many people worldwide. Planting each tree by hand, taking care of each flower, picking fruit in the garden, or walking in a park full of trees are the world’s most beautiful and peaceful moments. And if you want to learn more deeply about the plants around you, want to know their names and characteristics, and take care of them properly, then Blossom is a highly ideal application to experience. Like an encyclopedia of plants, this application provides users with in-depth knowledge that cannot be found anywhere else.

When accessing Blossom, users will have many opportunities to be exposed to botanical materials, from articles to videos, all of which will strengthen the user’s knowledge of plants. Thereby creating motivating to motivate users to build a beautiful garden for themselves.

Blossom mod android

Download Blossom – Expand your understanding of the botanical field

Blossom is a handy tool that can assist users in identifying the most accurate plant species in just a short period by analyzing the images the user provides. The program can also detect plant problems such as possible pathogens, watering methods, essential nutrients, and suitable living space and provide people with many valuable tips to improve plant care. Users can also set up reminders for Blossom to remind them to fertilize and water more often. Thereby helping users always perform the task of taking care of plants on time and regularly. This will become the perfect home for users’ tree friends; Blossom ensures the plants enjoy the most enthusiastic and attentive care.

Blossom mod apk

Identify plants through pictures

Through the photos submitted by the user, this program will help to quickly and accurately identify and identify different plant species and provide a lot of helpful information about the plants. That for users to expand their knowledge. The number of plants that Blossom can identify is more than 10,000 types, whether it’s flowers, cacti, mushrooms, woody plants, plants, ferns, or mosses; take a picture or download Upload a photo from a mobile phone, and the system will give accurate results in just a few short seconds. A handy feature for users looking to dig deeper into the field of plants but don’t know where to start. Blossom has everything a user needs, promising to bring a highly endless source of knowledge.

Blossom mod

Plant care guide

This tool can also support users in caring for plants, keeping them healthy and full of life. Blossom’s program allows users to set up various reminders to ensure that plants are watered and fertilized more often and scientifically so they can grow at their best, free of dangerous pathogens. Then every day, this application will send reminders about taking care of the plants to the user’s mobile device to ensure that the user will never forget his task. Detailed and specific from where to place the tree, the amount of water needed, the type of fertilizer to the pruning method, and the flowering and fruiting time. Blossom brings all the necessary information about the care of each plant, helping users know how to keep the tree alive.

Blossom mod android free

Solve tree diseases

Besides detailed instructions on how to care for plants, Blossom can also help users solve problems related to pathogens that plants are suffering from. To learn more about the disease affecting their trees, take a picture of the affected trees and wait for the system’s analysis. This application will then provide the necessary information for users to know exactly what disease harms their trees and find the proper treatment and care options to solve it thoroughly. In addition, to provide users with the best guidance, Blossom also provides a hotline of knowledgeable botanists. The user can receive expert advice by sending a message in the correct syntax that the application instructs.

Blossom mod apk free

Download Blossom mod to expand your understanding of plants and learn how to care for plants properly.

How to Download & Install Blossom MOD APK (Premium Unlocked) for Android


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