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Updated 22/03/2024 (4 months ago)
NameMy Dictionary – polyglot APK
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Introduce MOD APK My Dictionary – polyglot

Learning a foreign language has never been easy and sometimes very frustrating, but with My Dictionary – polyglot MOD APK (Premium unlocked), you will change your mind right away. Indeed all of us have experienced difficulties because of the language barrier. Precisely here is learning a foreign language in a basic way. This method is very dull and sometimes makes it easy to give up just because you can’t keep up. We should not cram as much knowledge into our heads to solve that problem. On the contrary, make your language learning more enjoyable than ever. When we’re exposed to something interesting, we’re bound to want to do it over and over again.

And the solution that I give you is My Dictionary – polyglot APK mod. A mobile application that supports users in learning foreign languages. I know language learning apps can name hundreds to thousands. But among them, it isn’t easy to find a quality and highly regarded name. My Dictionary – polyglot is a unique application. It provides fun elements to make you feel more interested in learning a foreign language. Providing a broad vocabulary is one of them. Next is how we memorize vocabulary.

My Dictionary polyglot mod

Download My Dictionary – polyglot mod – The coolest Dictionary you will ever use

First of all, My Dictionary – polyglot APK 8.7 provides up to 90 dictionaries of different languages. The most popular must be English, Spanish, Chinese, German… And many other famous languages. Each Dictionary includes a lot of words arranged alphabetically. They are listed from the bottom up. Below are hashtags that show what topics the word belongs to. This is a pretty good method because it makes it easy for users to distinguish and learn from different words. Clicking on a word will bring up its complete information. You can hear the pronunciation of that word. See examples when used in a variety of situations.

My Dictionary polyglot mod apk

Main tools

There are eight tools to help you learn vocabulary in My Dictionary – polyglot MOD APK. Includes a word search, word writing, translation search, comparison of found words with their translation. The rest are additional elements to highlight the function of the vocabulary. You can translate any term into your language. Also, translate more examples to understand their context and usage. Once you’ve learned a specific word and mastered it, that word will disappear from the list so you can more easily filter other words. Practice pronouncing words by listening to their original sounds. Learn how to write and spell, so you don’t miss or overwrite letters in the writing process.

My Dictionary polyglot mod apk free

Vocabulary search easy

You want to find vocabulary about the topic like, is it a noun or an adjective, a verb. If you wish to search for a specific word, use the search box as this is the fastest and most accurate way. Type the letters in the word you want to find correctly. Sometimes you can choose to find words by feature. After seeing it, you can learn and store it in a list of favorite words, back up a file containing essential words if you want to save them, and use them whenever you need them. Repeating many times will help you increase your vocabulary. Synchronizes with multiple cloud databases to ensure no vocabulary is left out.

My Dictionary polyglot mod free

Support reading documents

Not only increasing vocabulary, My Dictionary – polyglot is also used to read foreign language documents and texts. For example, you are searching for a website full of English-only information. Read and translate them with your skills. If you encounter strange words that you have never seen before, it’s time to use My Dictionary – polyglot. Add the comment to the Dictionary to see what it means. So you also learned a new vocabulary by accident. If you repeat this many times out of habit, your vocabulary will increase. Reading foreign language documents will no longer be so difficult as before. Your abilities will be improved to incredible degrees.

My Dictionary polyglot free

Those are the intentions that My Dictionary – polyglot can support you if you work hard. Provide all the most effective tools to have an enjoyable learning environment. Stimulate self-directed learning and acquire new vocabulary. Indeed with perseverance and the accumulation of large numbers, you will have a lot of vocabulary in your head. That is enough to motivate you to learn English more easily. Download My Dictionary – polyglot mod to learn vocabulary in the most fun way.

How to Download & Install My Dictionary – polyglot MOD APK (Premium unlocked) for Android


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