BlockaNet: Proxy List MOD APK 1.80 (Premium unlocked)

Updated on 26/01/2023 (3 days ago)
NameBlockaNet: Proxy List APK
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SupportAndroid 4.1+
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BlockaNet: Proxy List is the most extensive collection of proxies to help you route a more stable internet connection. From there, you can easily change your IP address without any interruption. Accessing the internet from multiple sources has always been all users do every day. This is good partly because it gives you access to new information. However, it brings some harm if you accidentally visit dangerous websites. So you should change DNS constantly so as not to have that problem. BlockaNet: Proxy List is the application that will help you change them.

With BlockaNet: Proxy List on your smartphone, any website you have ever visited will not have an IP record to track your visit. They will default that the proxies you choose come from your country in the first place. So no access interruption will occur. The great thing is that all of these proxies are free, and you can use them at any time. If you don’t use it, internet access will be inefficient and will slow connection very often.

BlockaNet Proxy List mod

Download BlockaNet: Proxy List mod – Provide completely free proxy

HTTP, SOCK4, and SOCKS5 are all popular and widely used proxies globally. BlockaNet: Proxy List will also revolve around these proxies for your continuous use. First, find a path that you are about to access. Fill in their name correctly and its domain type. Select the region you are in – countries of the world. Then there’s the avatar you want to wear when you visit. Most of us will leave them anonymous because this is your private access. The last thing is to press the search button. The system will start looking for reasonable DNS for you to choose and access. This DNS is always guaranteed to be safe and highly secure.

BlockaNet Proxy List mod apk

Diverse access areas

Although not worldwide, the list of access locations of BlockaNet: Proxy List is also very diverse. Focus on the locations of the countries with the most incoming connections. For example, it can be mentioned as the US, UK, Russia, Brazil… Scattered across all continents of the earth. When choosing a specific location, you should also find out some information. Specifically, what are the cybersecurity laws of those regions? Know which sites are prohibited in that region to avoid access. This is so you can continue to connect securely and not be unexpectedly rejected.

BlockaNet Proxy List mod apk free

Copy and Share

For example, that website is related to the work or activities of a whole group of people, and you are on it. You want to make sure everyone can access it securely and that no one is banned. Please copy all the information you have selected. Share them on different platforms for your friends to know and follow just like you. All will be connected quickly without any barriers. Serving for information and entertainment-related jobs. You should also consult people before sharing about BlockaNet: Proxy List.

Rate the connection quality

Sometimes filling out information is not always 100% effective. There will be a few cases where the information is not compatible, leading to still being denied access. To know precisely if your data is valid, evaluate it as soon as it is completed. The system will determine the four most important criteria to be able to connect. These are HTTP connection, TCP connection, UDP connection, and PING connection. If all show Yes, then your access is valid and safe. If one of them is No, you can still connect. But it will affect certain factors, so please consider.

BlockaNet Proxy List mod free

Protect your information by creating it yourself to legalize access to websites. Please make sure they are valid and secure so that nothing is exposed. BlockaNet: Proxy List mod gives you many free proxies to access everything.

Download BlockaNet: Proxy List MOD APK (Premium unlocked) for Android

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