Altimeter MOD APK (Premium Unlocked) 5.0.01

Updated 18/03/2024 (4 weeks ago)
NameAltimeter APK
PublisherEXA Tools
MOD FeaturesPremium Unlocked
SupportAndroid 4.4+
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Introduce MOD APK Altimeter

Altimeter MOD APK (Premium Unlocked) is a professional altimeter tool. It will help us evaluate the altitude at the location where we are standing. From there, you can make the most accurate measurements. Use these parameters flexibly for investigations. At the same time, create enough benefits for your journeys. The most basic is the convenience you can get—no need to use other complicated height-measuring tools. Quickly determine your location on the map. Freely calculate path distances along with their changes. Use flexibility to be able to solve any problem that you are finding difficult.

Recently, many applications have supported us in our work. Even on outings, we have things that help us. Among them, it is impossible not to mention Altimeter APK mod ability to measure altitude. All users have rated and verified to create credibility for this application. Provides a lot of support for users on picnics. It is also what accompanies us in trials. It helps you calculate and determine many complex conditions. Taking advantage of that will help you surpass everyone else. Bring yourself many unbelievable benefits with its accuracy.

Altimeter mod android

Download Altimeter mod apk – Measure altitude at any location

These applications will connect to satellites to accurately assess the location where you are standing. From there, relating to the database system can give you results. When you stand on a hill or a cliff, measurements will be relative to the ground. Even in the air, we can evaluate accurate data. These data can be used for measurement work. It is also possible to evaluate your performance while traveling anywhere. Use these assessments flexibly to your most significant benefit. You will be surprised when you compare it with the measurements of specialized equipment from experts.

Record records

What is the highest height you are standing at? To determine this, we can take advantage of Altimeter APK 5.0.01. It will record all the records from your measurements. This tool is heavily catered to those who regularly climb mountains. Appreciate the journey we have gone through. As your altitude increases, it means you’ve accomplished more work. We also exceed the limits we have set. Or you can also complete it in one go to create memorable memories. These records will be recorded when you take measurements. It helps us have the most authentic evidence.

Altimeter mod apk

Smart Compass

Compass will be an indispensable tool when we move or climb mountains. Compass helps us determine direction better. It enables you to go in the right direction without getting lost, especially with dense forests that can often deceive us. Get out of wild and remote places quickly. This application can work effectively on your device. It will be no different from a regular compass. So you can use it whenever you need. It will point us to the correct destination with its special operation.

Altimeter mod free

Use anytime

Are you worried that disconnecting the network will cause the application not to work? Your concern will be answered with the practical features of the application. It can work well in any environment. Even without an internet connection, it will still help you navigate easily. Measurement parameters will still be as effective as when you use a network connection. That’s because this application links with GPS. It will create links with satellites located outside the atmosphere—this way, the road segments will still be positioned accurately. From there, it gives you the most accurate parameters that you can rely on and use.

Altimeter mod

When we have this tool in hand, we will not worry about measuring. Please bring it with you anytime to use and complete your goals. When we have measurements, we can serve our work or personal achievements. Thus, the measurement work will become much more manageable. You will no longer have to struggle with results measured with complicated tools. Just use Altimeter MOD APK to get results.

How to Download & Install Altimeter MOD APK (Premium Unlocked) for Android


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