App Cloner MOD APK 2.15.1 (Premium Unlocked)

Updated on 31/10/2022 (2 years ago)
NameApp Cloner APK
PublisherApp Listo
MOD FeaturesPremium Unlocked
SupportAndroid 4.1+
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App Cloner allows users to clone any application on their phone. For many purposes such as helping you to open the same application at the same time. App Cloner creates a quick copy based on another package name, so it doesn’t affect opening the app in parallel with the original version. For example, if you love a certain game and want to log into two accounts at the same time. No need for two devices, this tool helps you do just that on your phone. Therefore, it is highly appreciated by users but has disadvantages such as the need to pay to use. Although the fee is not too high, it is a limitation on the application not reaching many people.

Note that App Cloner doesn’t work on all apps, it might crash but the rate is very low. Processing time is fast, in just a few minutes you have an application like the original. If you are wondering if there is any difference in functionality between the two versions, the answer is absolutely no. The version made by App Cloner will not have an update notification when a new version is available if you want to have this feature make sure that you keep the original on the machine.

App Cloner Premium mod apk

Download App Cloner Premium MOD – An application mirror for Android

Besides the apps you install, App Cloner allows you to customize a number of system apps. Users can duplicate and edit as they wish. After selecting the application, I found the list of functions to work with is quite long. From as simple as replacing icons to security options, App Cloner does it. If you just have a need to open many similar applications at the same time, the usage is quite simple. Currently available in most popular languages, after installing the application automatically changes according to your country. If you want to learn more about App Cloner, please continue to read the content below.

Fundamental change

App Cloner has detailed entries in its selection of features. Select the number of apps you want to clone, change the name, some other options with icons like replace, change colour, rotate … These are all features that don’t affect the internal functionality of the original app… It only works to help users distinguish the difference based on the versions.


In this section App Cloner allows users to intervene deeper inside the application. It directly affects the functionality of the application you are cloning on. Everything is done automatically but please pay attention when using the features here.

  • Identity & tracking options: Change Android-ID, change Imei / Imsi, change advertising ID, change Mac-Wifi, Mac-Bluetooth, … there are some customizations related to basic internet parameters. If you do not understand clearly you should not choose in this section.
  • Security: Set up password, remove app permissions such as contacts, calendar, call log, texting …
  • Display: Change status bar colour, navigation, enable dark mode, screen saver, … all functions are related to the display of the application.
  • Media: Change multimedia features like volume off, microphone off, camera disabling, fake camera, … there are quite a few nice features here that you can choose from.
  • Navigation: Floating back button, exit confirmation, swipe to go back, … you can customize it again to better navigate user behaviour.
  • Storage: Install to SD card, redirect external storage, allow backups, turn off images & access media …
  • Interface: Delete Widgets, remove launcher icon shortcut, add launcher icon, auto start, …
  • Network options: Turn off networking, turn off the network when the screen is off, server blocker …
  • Notifications: Notification filter, silent time, notification colour, replace notification text …
  • Games: File extension, GPS joystick, GPS monitoring, …
  • Android TV & Wear OS: Support TV launcher, joystick pointer, mark game …
  • Automation: Set brightness at startup, control do not disturb, execute Tasker task …
  • Declare & source options: Edit XML resources, application compiler, name, version code …
  • Developer: Create debug, hide developer mode, override, see Logcat …
  • Cloning Options: Mode, skip root gallery, skip crashes, hide Google Play services, …

App Cloner Premium mod

App Cloner Premium APK has many options while cloning apps you can choose from to suit your needs. But not all features are applicable. For example, for an online game where you choose to turn off the network connection, that application cannot run. Download App Cloner Premium MOD APK professional app mirroring exclusively for Android.

Download App Cloner MOD APK (Premium Unlocked) for Android

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