Epic Raft MOD APK (Unlimited money, immortal) 1.0.16

Updated 20/03/2021 (3 years ago)
NameEpic Raft APK
PublisherLightcore Ltd
MOD FeaturesUnlimited money, immortal
SupportAndroid 5.0+
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Introduce MOD APK Epic Raft

Seas and oceans make up most of the earth’s surface area. We are all too familiar with their pictures on the small screen. Most people have also been to a field visit. It was a great time to relax. But have you ever tried to imagine what it would be like if one beautiful day discovered you were the only person floating in the ocean with just a raft? How would you handle this situation? Continue to fear and lose strength gradually? Or regain your spirit and find a way to survive? You will get the answers for yourself when you come to the world of Epic Raft.

The game is a survival game that simulates survival in the vast ocean. With just one hook, the player must use it to find essential food for themselves. Epic Raft offers you a new way to explore ocean creatures in a new way. Life in the ocean not only exists but also faces many dangers and difficulties. This will be a game that promises to bring players interesting experiences. Are you ready for the Epic Raft challenges? Let’s explore the game together.

Epic Raft mod android

Download Epic Raft mod – Survive in the middle of the vast ocean

The characteristic of a survival game is to survive before the dangers and threats. Your main task is to use the items provided by the game to grow effectively and help yourself survive. With Epic Raft you will be provided with a hook and a raft. At first, it didn’t seem like it would be of much help. But if you are a little subtle, you will know how to best use them. With the raft, this will be an item to help you float on the water and separate from aquatic creatures. As for the hook, this will be the rice rod. It helps players to find food from creatures under the ocean. Sometimes its effectiveness goes beyond simply looking for food.

Facing dangerous creatures

Your vast ocean journey will face many challenges. Players will be faced with a variety of dangerous creatures under the ocean. They always threaten your safety. Just a small mistake, a little distraction, you can end your own life. And you will be a good prey to the hungry carnivorous monsters under the water. Sharks, mutant crabs … are stalking you all the time. Be careful and attentive to everything around you if you want to safely return to the mainland. Even the changing weather can make you more difficult and dangerous. You have to find ways to adapt, turn disadvantages into advantages for yourself.

Epic Raft mod

Build and expand wooden rafts

In order to survive, the player must first have a place to stay. The raft you are provided with is the first living condition available. During an ocean cruise you will find and find items that can help you expand your raft. It could be pieces of wood drifting in the ocean. Or it could be pieces of metal recovered from the sunken boat. All that is gathered will be useful to the player. Make the most of their benefits. Based on the instructions the player will know how to combine and use them to expand their wooden raft.

Epic Raft mod apk

Explore the lands

Along with the journey on the ocean, players also have the opportunity to explore new islands. The vast space of the ocean contains many islands. Each location will contain interesting mysteries. And you will be someone who can discover it for yourself. Through visits to different islands, those hidden secrets will gradually unfold. Players will be extremely excited and amazed about the stories that each land brings. A vast world is waiting for you to explore and explore.

Epic Raft mod download

Become the one who opens the way

The most interesting thing that Epic Raft brings to players is to find a way to live for your fellow human beings. With your own knowledge and experience, you will find the way back to the mainland. You will be the guide for people trapped on the desert islands and help them return to a peaceful life. Then they will see you as the hero to save life. What could be better than being able to do things that benefit everyone?

Epic Raft mod free

Epic Raft will be an attractive game for those who love the survival game genre. Game is the convergence of the advantages of different survival games. Providing players with authentic and useful experiences. Epic Raft deserves to be the top choice for players. Get ready for the challenges in the game? Download Epic Raft mod to fight monsters and explore the mysteries under the ocean.

How to Download & Install Epic Raft MOD APK (Unlimited money, immortal) for Android


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