LOST in Blue MOD APK (Menu/Move speed multiplier) 1.187.1

Updated 18/05/2024 (5 days ago)
NameLOST in Blue APK
PublisherVolcano Force
MOD FeaturesMenu/Move speed multiplier
SupportAndroid 4.4+
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Introduce MOD APK LOST in Blue

Getting lost in the wild is almost impossible, but with LOST in Blue MOD APK (Menu/Move speed multiplier) it is possible. You will be placed in arguably the most extreme situation in the world. Survive in poor conditions with dangers lurking around. Have to build the facilities themselves to meet the needs of survival. Create things that are beneficial to carry out the plans you have made from the beginning. Although it is complicated, you will dominate everything if you overcome them all. That is the limitless human potential that can be achieved by himself.

Survival is a phrase that is becoming a trend among modern people today. It is something that brings a lot of challenges and excitement to us. LOST in Blue APK 1.187.1 is a game with all the necessary elements from this topic. Moreover, the realistic simulation from 3D graphics is also what makes it stand out. The requests and interactions bring more vivid colors to the game. You will get a natural survival on your own in the wild. Do things that I have never dared to do right on my phone.

LOST in Blue mod

Download LOST in Blue APK mod – Survive and survive on a deserted island off the coast

You will transform into an ordinary citizen on a flight back home. But due to an unusual incident, because the storm damaged the engine, you had an accident. The plane crashed into the sea, and this is when you will make your choice. Bring hope of survival to a dying man or woman. This is also the character that will represent you in this challenging adventure. You will swim to the island and begin the necessary maneuvers to treat the wound. Then it is to collect objects around to do useful things for you. Try to find everything to maintain your living conditions.

Crafting tools

Tools are essential to make it easier for us to function. You can use your tools for hunting, mining, or even combat. These tools will often be made from wood, animal bones, and fixed wire. Some other tools require rare and drifting objects. Players can follow the instructions to collect the necessary materials themselves. When you have the tools at hand, your construction is also shortened. Mining resources such as wood and stone will also be more accessible than ever. More specifically, you can hunt with a bow or spear in search of food.

LOST in Blue mod free

Build shelter

Once you have the tools, the next step is to create the perfect shelter. Your character is exceptionally skillful, so it is possible to come up with many complete things. The first step is to build the walls and floor to form the frame. Then add the furniture and decorations you want to make things more comfortable. If you wish to, players can add higher floors to expand the area of ​​​​the house. Around your home, you can build more defensive barriers to prevent intrusion. Create food fields to have more food sources for self-sufficiency. Both safe and convenient are not inferior to large farms.

LOST in Blue mod apk

Facing danger

We need to pay attention to this part if we want to preserve our lives. The danger is divided into two times, day and night. During the day, when the sun shines, you will readily detect things that can attack you. These are usually monsters, aboriginal or slow beasts. But in the evening, it will be many times more dangerous when monsters can appear at any time. You can only identify through the signs before being attacked. So prepare the necessary weapons to fight back and win. Never let your guard down because your life comes first.

LOST in Blue mod android


Survival can only become more attractive when more of your friends join. Create a waiting room and add your friends to it. You and them can freely choose the character and start working together to develop. Note that the difficulty will increase further depending on the number of people. Make quick and positive changes to achieve new achievements. You will improve your teamwork skills with others. Find more fun in this excellent LOST in Blue MOD APK.

How to Download & Install LOST in Blue MOD APK (Menu/Move speed multiplier) for Android


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1 year ago

LOST in Blue MOD APK 1.99.0
The installation (v. 199.0 ) to upgrade does not work (version 198.2 does not work either). I also tried installing with Split APKs Installer (SAI) which warns of an error in the package…
Thanks for the support

Thuỷ Dương
1 year ago
Reply to  Maxmass

Fixed! Thanks bro

1 year ago
Reply to  Thuỷ Dương

OK perfect works great. Thanks for all.
Greetings from Italy

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