Blade of God: Vargr Souls MOD APK (Menu/God/Damage/Defense Multiplier) 7.1.0

Updated 10/01/2024 (2 months ago)
NameBlade of God: Vargr Souls APK
PublisherPG Soul Games
CategoryRole Playing
MOD FeaturesMenu/God/Damage/Defense Multiplier
SupportAndroid 5.0+
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Introduce MOD APK Blade of God: Vargr Souls

Blade of God: Vargr Souls has a dark fantasy RPG with a European style. This game offers players a great combat system while experiencing a dramatic storyline. The play tells the stories of Greek mythology based on Norse mythology. The story takes place in Ola – a peaceful continent ruled and protected by the Goddess. During the past 300 years, the Goddess has been sleeping profoundly, making the Demon King monsters think she is dead. They kidnapped Guinevere – the last descendant of the Goddess, to use God’s blood to revive the magic sword, opening an era for the dark forces.

When the Demon King completed his plan, it was Ola’s doomsday. The people fell into darkness and suffered as they became slaves to demons. You play as Chaos with the mission to protect Ola, pick up weapons and protect the people you love. Each monster has a peculiar shape, and its name is written above the screen. There is a red horizontal bar representing the monster’s health. Next to the red flat bar is a green energy bar. This flat bar corresponds to your energy bar. When either of these energy bars is exhausted, it means the defeat of a faction, you or the enemy.

Blade of God Vargr Souls android

Download Blade of God: Vargr Souls mod – Play as the hero Chaos and destroy all the demons

The intuitive control mechanism is relatively easy to use for all ages. Players will perform combat operations, move and create damage combos on enemies, with neatly designed virtual keys at the bottom two corners of the screen that combine many elements of power and logical manipulation. The left-hand corner is used to control the character’s movement. The other side is for attacking, dealing damage to enemies. Each turn of the player’s impact creates decisive slashes. The slashes have a colour corresponding to the power system of the weapon you are using. It must attack many times, depending on the weapon’s strength, to destroy the enemy.

Blade of God Vargr Souls apk free

Character system

Blade of God: Vargr Souls provides a character system with three main types: Warrior, Wizard and Summoner. Each character of a different character class will have a different strength development process. At the same time, there are other combat skills and special abilities. With Warrior, the characters have strong fighting abilities and can destroy many enemies. Wizards include mages with the ability to heal. They can also create magical effects that cause enemies to die in pain—left Summoner with heroes with the most stable abilities. Speed, defence, and attack are designed equally and in harmony.

Blade of God Vargr Souls apk

Character upgrade

In addition to being divided into different systems, heroes are divided by system level and attributes. During the battle, heroes accumulate experience points to level up. Also, use the score to unlock the map and new features of the character. From there, players can also use external items to increase their stats. Armour, equipment, weapons, and unlock more new skills. Upgrade these stats to improve attribute points, including Attack, Defense, Crit, and Speed, when the stats of these four attributes increase in proportion to your ability to win. These factors seem to play a role in determining a player’s victory.

Blade of God Vargr Souls mod apk


Blade of God takes place in a mythical world with nine kingdoms. where the story unfolds between Odin, Thor, Loki and the four fallen gods. Players must make tough choices that will affect Heim and Esther’s trust. This may affect the final closing decision. With multiple endings, the player can explore different game possibilities and outcomes. Blade of God’s art style is dark, a mix of fictional myths and imagination. Your every move affects the end of the overall battle later. Whether it is according to your intentions or not is determined by your victories.

Blade of God Vargr Souls mod

Players must destroy more than 50 contexts corresponding to 50 different monsters and gods, Locations can be distributed everywhere depending on the enemy you need to eliminate. The buffalo-horned monster might have been trapped in a dark dungeon. Or next to the hot lava flow is the appearance of a war dragon. It spews hazardous flames towards your hero. Or inside a murky cemetery with unseen demons. Download Blade of God: Vargr Souls mod opens the battle with 50 monster names.

How to Download & Install Blade of God: Vargr Souls MOD APK (Menu/God/Damage/Defense Multiplier) for Android


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