Botworld Adventure MOD APK (Menu, Unlimited money, God mode, DMG) 1.21.1

Updated 05/05/2024 (2 weeks ago)
NameBotworld Adventure APK
CategoryRole Playing
MOD FeaturesMenu, Unlimited money, God mode, DMG
SupportAndroid 6.0+
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Introduce MOD APK Botworld Adventure

We always want to learn and discover interesting things around our lives. You will be satisfied with that dream with what Botworld Adventure can bring. Start your adventure as brave adventurers. Travel around the world and find yourself unique. Learn the secrets and gain experience from the significant challenges to be overcome. Courage will get you to your goal quickly.

Are the usual role-playing games boring you? Don’t worry, Botworld Adventure will solve all these problems quickly. Giving players endless journeys with cute characters. Challenge your fighting ability with intense battles. An extensive world to make anyone immerse in persistent levels. Get ready for what’s to come with all you’ve got.

Botworld Adventure mod android

Download Botworld Adventure mod – Conquer complex challenges

Botworld is a world where animals live and work together. Each person owns things called bots to accompany them. You will go with your character all over the world to learn everything. The bot will be effective in the battles of the players. Find different players to compete with them in unequal competitions. Don’t forget there will be enemies with deadly plots that can come at any time. Get the quests you need by meeting the NPCs in the story. Strive and train to become even stronger.

Botworld Adventure mod apk free

Big open world

Unlike sketchy and cramped maps, the open world has endless possibilities. Botworld Adventure has exploited those potentials so that players can move freely. Find different places and walk everywhere without reloading the map. Not only that, there will be a lot of other interactions for things around. Steps and many different harbor frames and environments in each new destination. Meet new characters and friends to explore the game’s plot. Find and own the most potent bots and make full use of them. You will be the greatest adventurer in the world.

Botworld Adventure mod apk

Captivating match

As mentioned above, each player needs to own bots to fight opponents. Bot will have unique skills like stun, explode or fire the rocket. It will be like the gladiators representing your characters in your favorite movies. They will immediately be transferred to the large circular arena to start fighting. The sides will attack each other by all means until one side is annihilated. Don’t forget to take advantage of the bot’s ultimate to the most significant benefit. Each bot’s ability has a particular effect if you control them skillfully.

Botworld Adventure mod free

Collect many bots

Bots will be classified according to their rarity and ability to power in combat. The higher the monster, the more basic stats are superior to other types. The knowledge that they can do will cause a lot of disadvantages to the opponent. You can search for a new bot by collecting all its drawings. From there, you can use the necessary materials and exchange for a new warrior for yourself. There are many bot combinations that you can learn more about. The higher the level, the greater the bot’s power, the skills also become more effective. See which companion is right for you.

Botworld Adventure mod

Choose a character

Botworld Adventure will let you choose one of four different roles: cat, lizard, buffalo, and dog. For each character, you will have the ability to customize their characteristics deeply. From choosing the personality, role to the appearance that they will possess. If it doesn’t feel like enough, there are many things for sale in the store. Help you create a highlight for your character during the journey you join. See what each of your friends can do during the game. Make your face the best player representative in the grand arena. Make any opponent will be terrified when standing in front of you.

All the vast lands are waiting for the best to come and explore. Botworld Adventure mod will give you exciting things that can never be found elsewhere. This is how we enjoy the best fun with friends.

How to Download & Install Botworld Adventure MOD APK (Menu, Unlimited money, God mode, DMG) for Android


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Stuck in tutorial, cannot build bot

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Game update to version 1.4.3

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