Nexomon: Extinction MOD APK (Menu, Unlimited money, unlocked) 2.0.1

Updated on 19/06/2022 (1 year ago)
NameNexomon: Extinction APK
CategoryRole Playing
MOD FeaturesMenu, Unlimited money, unlocked
SupportAndroid 8.0+
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Nexomon: Extinction MOD APK Infomation

Mod menu

  1. Unlimited money
  2. Unlimited items
  3. Exp mod
  4. Unlocked full version
  5. Free in-app purchase

*How to bypass stuck on loading :
– Go to Playstore and install the original
– Then uninstall the Original and install the MOD

*Free In-app Purchase, follow install steps:
1. Need turn off or uninstall all antivirus software.
2. Download and install Lucky Patcher. But don’t open it.
3. Download and install Apk Mod.
4. Open mod and playing.

Monsters are ferocious creatures that don’t follow any rules. But you can completely master them extremely quickly with Nexomon: Extinction. Become a talented coach with the desire to reach the top. Subdue all the fiercest monsters with your techniques. Accompany your friends to mysterious lands containing great treasures. Discover more potential hidden in your soul.

Nexomon: Extinction is a classic monster-catching game with significant influence from Pokemon. It has been critically acclaimed from its graphics to its engaging gameplay. Now this game has appeared on the mobile platform and is well received by many players. Enjoy an epic story right on your phone. Join the journey through the colorful and flavorful world of friendship. Try it now to dive deeper into these amazing things.

Nexomon Extinction mod

Download Nexomon: Extinction mod – Collect and tame powerful monsters

The world is in danger of being destroyed by the power of the tyrant Nexomon. He fights to dominate and control all humans and monsters everywhere. However, our young heroes cannot let that happen. Lead these heroes to grow and build your strength. Leave your current residence and choose the best Nexomon to accompany you. Take on the assigned quests to delve deeper into the game’s plot. You will encounter countless enemies along the way, and don’t let them easily carry out their evil schemes.

Nexomon Extinction mod free

Taming Nexomon

The number of Nexomon in this world can be more than 350 individuals with many special powers. They are divided into nine different types of elements that occur in nature. Each ingredient brings a particular combat characteristic to each Nexomon. These elements can counteract each other by the effects they create. You can take advantage of this feature while fighting other Nexomons. Also, the Nexomon needs to be collected through the journey. As they evolve, they will become stronger and possess a completely new appearance. Create your own strongest Nexomon squad.

Explore the areas

In his adventure, you will be moving and discovering new places. Each place has its characteristics, such as lava lakes, deserts, jungles, research facilities, or mighty kingdoms. You will receive the tasks that the people here give you through the chat. Then complete and get the exciting rewards attached to each mission. The harder it is, the more loot you get. Enemies distributed in each area will also have their unique abilities. Go to dungeons or caves to find what you need.

Nexomon Extinction mod apk

Confront the tyrants

Tyrants are the wielders of immeasurable sources of power. They often appear at decisive moments to test your strength. They are also trainers but more brutally. The Nexomon they possessed was also much more substantial than usual. Causes constant pressure and difficulty on you and your companions. So your Nexomon needs to prioritize building strength and level. Then there was the clever use of the monster’s abilities to great advantage. Make it impossible for them to look down on you for another second.

Nexomon Extinction mod android

Useful items

In addition to using the monster’s abilities, you need to know other items. These will mainly support you in the upcoming confrontations. We will have potions that can restore energy or HP for Nexomon and help confront your enemies more persistently and win. Next are power stones that can strengthen monsters based on their element. You can create a tremendous power advantage by using these stones. But the quantity of these items will be limited, and you need to find more by buying in the store or completing quests.

If you want to get yourself a diverse collection of Nexomon, then immediately download Nexomon: Extinction mod. Admire their fighting power with incredibly extraordinary abilities. Show your talent for controlling and mastering your matches in your way. Continually challenge more vigorous opponents to find your limits.

Download Nexomon: Extinction MOD APK (Menu, Unlimited money, unlocked) for Android

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My mod menu just blank with nothing on it , it this normal ?

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