Blade Bound MOD APK 2.24.6 (Unlimited money, skills/onehit)

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NameBlade Bound APK
PublisherArtifex Mundi
CategoryRole Playing
MOD FeaturesUnlimited money, skills/onehit
SupportAndroid 4.4+
Get it onGoogle Play
MOD Infomation
  • V1: Unlimited Skills.
  • V2: Unlimited Skills/Onehit
  • V3: V3: Unlimited money, skills

A super product has been released, and an engaging role-playing game that you don’t know yet. Today I will introduce you to it Blade Bound was born. Blade Bound is a role-playing genre that brings players to the brutal wars of history. The birthplace of ancient heroes with bravery and unyielding strength. Fight hard with the dark forces to destroy the monsters that protect humanity. Take back the things that the dark army occupied by mankind. Blade Bound where you will go to earth-shattering battles to protect humanity.

Blade Bound the world of darkness and justice, where light and darkness mix. You will be the legendary hero of the righteous side, your mission is to confront and destroy all the dark world. Rediscover what is inherent to humanity, once again help humanity stand up through the dark times. Experience the feeling of being a hero in Blade Bound standing at the peak of power. Destroying all those ferocious monsters, protecting the survivors is the responsibility of the heroes, also yourself. Blade Bound fights madly for what’s important to you. Find your freedom and peace again.

Blade Bound mod free

Download Blade Bound mod – Fight to protect humanity

Legend has it that in the game Blade Bound you will transform into a soldier. Have lost the war with the dark army and you are the last survivor. You crave and start working hard to make yourself stronger. On the way to slaying the dark monsters, the experience is constantly being accumulated. Search for lost legendary weapons to strengthen yourself. You will learn powerful skills for yourself on the way to destroy the dark army. Try to be stronger on this dangerous road. Blade Bound is the best game of all time, incarnation and hero seeking strength to fight the mighty dark army.

The way to destroy the army of darkness

From a soldier who survived the last battle with the enemy. Find legendary weapons that enhance your power to become heroes. Fighting hard to protect humanity is your responsibility. The higher the power you possess, the greater your responsibility will be. You are the hope of humanity using your own power to save everyone. Defeat the other dark army to find peace for the world. Come to Blade Bound to experience the feeling of being a hero to defeat monsters. Bring to the world a ray of light after the great war with the dark forces.

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Gates and monsters

You will have to go through many places in search of boundless power. Blade Bound will challenge you with difficult levels, inside are brutal monsters. Destroy them and you will receive high-value rewards. The deeper you go into the next stage, the stronger the monsters will be. Your strength will also increase over time because of many frantic battles. Destroy all the monsters and reach the final stage where the dark monster leader resides. Defeat it to claim all that was lost. Blade Bound crossed the monster gate to find freedom.

Blade Bound mod apk

Upgrade equipment

Your weapons will be even more powerful if they are repaired and upgraded. The higher the quality of the equipment, the more damage it deals. Help you have a little more power to destroy monsters more easily. After defeating the monster will drop different equipment with different damage. Choose which one is strong and suitable and keep it. Those that are not strong enough, sell them for money to upgrade your good equipment. Creates a great power to protect the body from the attack of monsters.

Blade Bound mod androi

Daily Rewards

Blade Bound will bring you surprises with generous rewards. First of all, through the gates, you will receive new weapons and a certain amount of money. Especially when passing through the difficult threshold, you will receive the corresponding reward that makes you satisfied. In addition, the daily login bonus is no less competitive. When entering full days, you can also receive high-level equipment that helps you gain great power when owning them.

Blade Bound mod

Blade Bound will be the most attractive role-playing game you’ve ever played. There is no greater joy than being transformed into legendary heroes who protect the world from the forces of darkness. Download Blade Bound mod fight to regain the freedom to protect humanity from the army of evil monsters.

Download Blade Bound MOD APK (Unlimited money, skills/onehit) for Android

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No money so boring

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😊😊😊 ❤️🧡💛

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2.224 money version update plz

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