Calibria: Crystal Guardians MOD APK (No CD/DMG) 4.1.1

Updated 28/03/2024 (4 weeks ago)
NameCalibria: Crystal Guardians APK
PublisherMars Game (HongKong) Network Technology Co., Ltd.
CategoryRole Playing
MOD FeaturesNo CD/DMG
SupportAndroid 4.4+
Get it onGoogle Play
Calibria: Crystal Guardians MOD APK detail?

Damage Multiplier
– Increase Player Damage. x1 – x100 Slider
Defense Multiplier
– Increase Player Defense. x1 – x100 Slider
Unlimited Skills
– No Skill CD
Always Your Turn
– Skip Enemy Turn

Introduce MOD APK Calibria: Crystal Guardians

You are so fed up with the boring reality of only tiring work. So let’s move on to the reality of Calabria: Crystal Guardians to start a new life. Here you can be a mighty guardian. Realize your dream of possessing extraordinary powers. To lead a team full of strong people. Fight for a higher ideal. Most importantly, no law can hold you back.

The world of Calabria: Crystal Guardians is a 3D fantasy world full of wonders. Things that we always dare to think about but cannot touch. Game makers write all to create a complete story. Powerful guardians are fighting against the forces of evil. Protection for the precious things that sustain the prosperity of the land of Calabria. Only the best warriors are chosen to carry out this mission. They will act on behalf of the gods against the things that come from the dark. Enjoy excellent pictures and great sound. Immerse yourself in the classic turn-based gameplay.

Calibria Crystal Guardians mod android

Download Calabria: Crystal Guardians mod – Protect the ancient crystals of the world

Once you have reached the world of Calabria: Crystal Guardians, you must complete your mission. Choose to have powerful warriors from all over the world. Lead them on their way against the destroyers. All will be divided into different game screens. At each level, you will be fighting with different monsters. Both sides will fight in turn and can only choose one attack. When the turn ends, the other side will have the right to counterattack. Try to hit properly before the enemy kills each person in the team. Don’t waste turns with weak attacks. Use all the abilities of team members.

Arrange a reasonable and effective formation to enhance the combat effect. Thoroughly research the abilities of different heroes. Complement the defects and create a unified whole. When you play long enough, you can get a good grasp of the combat elements. From there, create more interesting battles for the matches.

Calibria Crystal Guardians mod apk free

Own thousands of characters

There are countless heroes in this world, each with a mysterious potential. They are divided into five different systems, each with its own charm. By adding them to your collection, you are free to choose. Arrange into formations with different fighting methods. The application is more flexible in high difficulty levels. These warriors all possess special appearances. Their abilities are demonstrated through their combat skills. These skills have benefits such as healing, dealing massive damage, etc. By combining skills, you can create new combos.

Calibria Crystal Guardians mod apk

Fight the giant boss.

Never underestimate the power of darkness based on those little freaks. The fun is still behind, waiting for you to continue. Those who possess huge sources of power along with substantial sizes. With just one hit, everything can be blown away. Having a big ambition is to make this world fall. Join your team to stop them now. Rush into their lair and challenge them to a battle for survival. Upgrade your heroes to become stronger. Co-ordinated attacks made them unable to react. Control skills can be used to buy time and deal extra damage. The rewards are handsome.

Calibria Crystal Guardians mod download

Team up with others

In some modes, you can play with other people. All these people can come from a lot of different countries. Create epic squads with strange combinations. Support each other to fight the most powerful final bosses. Overcome difficulties and bring back valuable things. You can also invite your loved ones to play with you. It’s more fun than cooking with other people to play with. Easily exchange good and effective tips with each other. Together, they increase their understanding and strength quickly. Learn from already knowledgeable players and create new strategies.

Calibria Crystal Guardians mod free

Want to develop faster? You can join the big guilds. Here members will support each other in many activities. Together, complete the big tasks assigned to collect the loot. Get great benefits from daily activities. Unite and form a strong collective. Fight side by side with the great forces. Those are the things that makeup Calabria: Crystal Guardians mod, where you can fulfill your dreams.

How to Download & Install Calibria: Crystal Guardians MOD APK (No CD/DMG) for Android


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the current version can not work! it remind me to update

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