Beat Racing MOD APK (Unlimited money, god mode) 2.1.7

Updated 22/11/2023 (1 week ago)
NameBeat Racing APK
PublisherBadsnowball Limited
MOD FeaturesUnlimited money, god mode
SupportAndroid 4.4+
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Beat Racing MOD APK Information

  • V1: Unlimited money, unlocked cars and songs.
  • V2: God mode

Introduce MOD APK Beat Racing

Do you know what when we combine music and racing elements, it creates something. That is Beat Racing, the rhythm music racing game that is very popular on the market. Immerse yourself in a wave of magical music aboard your ultimate racing car. Surely this is the first time there is such a bold combination. But it’s not necessarily a bad combination until you feel this game yourself. Try the feeling of enjoying music on the best and most beautiful racing cars. Please allow me to start the exciting musical racing performance.

Because of this strange combination, we have a music-themed racing game for the first time. Specifically, you will use your racing car to create exciting, catchy tunes. Collaborate with many music stars around the world. With collaborations with artists, hundreds of different songs are not inferior to games of the same genre. Even more remarkable when it has presented a completely new style to music enthusiasts.

Beat Racing mod apk

Download Beat Racing mod – Drive to make the best music

The gameplay of Beat Racing is straightforward, just a racing car that you own. Use your finger to move the car on the colorful road. The ultimate mission is to collect shining energy pellets to create tunes. At the same time, you have to avoid the obstacles that are the red orbs of thorns. Touching it means losing, and the game will end. Until the song is played, that’s when you complete your level. While listening to music, you can practice beautiful and impressive reflexes.

Every song will have chorus or climax stages, and each song is different. So you should get familiar with the song before you actually start playing it. When reaching the climax, obstacles and energies will appear to overlap extremely dizzy. It would be best if you were very alert to follow and move accordingly. Of course, you have to interact with the melody of that song. Once completed, the system will evaluate the finishing quality of the song you just played.

Beat Racing mod

Choose your favorite song

Hundreds of different songs according to the trends of young people are constantly being updated. The most popular are hits born not long ago, such as Dance Monkey, Believer, Numb, among the top artists. Do you feel any familiar songs on this list? If not, that’s okay, because you can get acquainted with many new genres of music. Maybe you will feel like or even addicted to a song that you accidentally play. Beat Racing provides you with a music archive that is not too terrible but will definitely make you feel good. Add to the list of your favorite songs.

Beat Racing mod mod

Collecting a series of high-class supercars

Race cars will still play a major role in the game, as they’re the only thing you can use to create tunes from the latest Lamborghini models. Luxury Ferrari cars, all exuding a luxurious look and a lot of money. However, in Beat Racing, they are not too expensive. As long as you try to save through the levels, you can easily own it. Because no matter how beautiful and luxurious it is, it will not affect your gameplay. Apart from the beauty effect, these cars do not possess any features or benefits. It all depends on your melancholy hands.

Beat Racing mod apk free

Perform difficult combos

This also depends on the length and nature of the different songs. Often your tone and movement will be determined by the pitch and tempo of the song. The more intervals, the more work you have to do and the longer it takes. Maybe you have never seen the different difficulty levels of the game. Then let players like you freely challenge all the difficulty levels. Create a series of combos to make your friends admire. You are the king of music, running in the world’s best car. Challenge from the simplest difficulty to the level of hell to feel the real music.

Beat Racing mod free

For a music game, it’s not difficult to get used to the mechanics and controls in Beat Racing. However, the special thing is that it has cleverly incorporated racing cars into the game. Show an extremely new and beautiful creation. If you want to understand this unique game better, learn about Beat Racing mod in the most challenging and thrilling way. Come with racing cars to the pinnacle of music.

How to Download & Install Beat Racing MOD APK (Unlimited money, god mode) for Android


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