AU2 Mobile-EN MOD APK (Menu, Auto Dance/Perfect/Great/Cool) 21.0

Updated 23/11/2023 (7 months ago)
NameAU2 Mobile-EN APK
PublisherAU Dance
MOD FeaturesMenu, Auto Dance/Perfect/Great/Cool
SupportAndroid 4.4+
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Introduce MOD APK AU2 Mobile-EN

The popularity of the game Au on the computer is so familiar to the generation of 8x and 9x players. It was one of the childhood games that stormed for a while. Now launched Au2 Moblile-EN, satisfying all music and dance enthusiasts. Designed to be almost identical to its original. Graphics are vivid to every detail with new ways to play. All created an old game, but always made an impression to the present time.

Every area in AU2 Mobile-EN is built extremely large and magnificent. The dance floors with different landscapes such as the beach, the dream park… Joining other dance rooms helps players meet many new friends. Using your beautiful mount, show it off to everyone. Enjoy playing and dancing together. Find a lover, then create a child to nurture. A lot of new things appear in this colourful music world.

AU2 Mobile EN mod apk free

Download AU2 Mobile-EN mod – Show the dance with the most vibrant music

There are currently 4 different jump modes available in AU2 Mobile-EN. Players should try them all to find the game that works for them. In the game screen, achieving full combo, full perfect will get the maximum score. Of course, to do that, you have to go through a long process of practice. Many songs with different levels will challenge the player’s skills. When you find yourself qualified to conquer most of the levels, immediately join the arena. Race to the top with everyone else, put your name on the top of the list.

There are many missions in AU2 Mobile-EN for players to choose and complete. The reward will depend on the level of difficulty or ease, mainly experience, gold, support accessories. Bigger achievements will get large and rare items. Players can collect a variety of costumes by completing the missions in the game. Conquer them all to get the title of each type of feat. People will immediately look at you with admiration.

AU2 Mobile EN mod android

Marriage benefits

In the AU2 Mobile-EN world, every player is allowed to get married. Starting from the stage of the meeting, then getting to know each other, dating. Finally, to get married, organize a grand wedding ceremony. You can invite your friends, or other new players to join the party. They will bless and give gifts to the love of the couple. Marriage certificate to mark the ownership of the two of you. Join together at the dance floor to increase the level of affection for each other. Or make other players feel jealous of your love.

AU2 Mobile EN mod

Fashion dance floor

One of the things that attract many players to AU2 Mobile-EN is the creation of costumes. There are countless fashion styles that players can choose from. School uniforms, eye-catching cute animals, evening gowns… You use gold or gems to buy new clothes and accessories. Don’t forget that there are also pets like unicorn horses, seahorses, deer … for players to ride them in the lobby or the park. More items will be released at future events.

Trending music

To attract more players, AU2 Mobile-EN always has to change the music every week, every month. This makes the music in the game more diverse. Players enjoy all the songs that are trending today. Dance, sing your best on the stage, create many combos with beautiful effects. Be the brightest on the dance floor with your favourite song.

AU2 Mobile EN mod apk

Fight through the melody

There is an area dedicated to musical fights. Any player can sign up to participate. The system will randomly arrange players against each other, music and game modes. Fight on the dance floor by creating complete combos, knocking down opponents with the highest score. Become the player standing in the highest top cave, unlocking many new benefits. In addition, players can join a guild to exchange and discover gifts only available here. Create team fights with each other, show off your musical skills, have fun with everyone.

AU2 Mobile EN mod mod

The popularity of the game AU2 Mobile-EN mod is still resounding to this day. The game always creates innovation, opens up many game modes, increases the number of trending songs. Images of characters in brilliant costumes shine on the catwalk. Join your friends for any length of time, creating a relaxed atmosphere with music. Events in the game are very well organized, bringing many unexpected gifts for all players. Join now to relive childhood memories through AU2 Mobile-EN mod now!

How to Download & Install AU2 Mobile-EN MOD APK (Menu, Auto Dance/Perfect/Great/Cool) for Android


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1 year ago

Please upload version 19.0 mod link

1 year ago

doesn’t work on trail, vos, and crazy mode. fix this.

1 year ago
Reply to  nobody

can login email google ?

1 year ago
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