Beast Survivors: Rogue MOD APK 1.19.0 (Unlimited Currency/God mode)

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NameBeast Survivors: Rogue APK
PublisherGaijin Distribution KFT
CategoryRole Playing
MOD FeaturesUnlimited Currency/God mode
SupportAndroid 7.0+
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To fight monsters, Beast Survivors: Rogue needs heroes who dare to do difficult things. They will face life’s biggest challenges. That is surviving amid a horde of bloodthirsty monsters chasing you. This is one of the most dangerous and scary challenges. But overcoming them will be a massive reward for that effort. Not only that, but you also become the hero of the whole world. The dream of conquering everything is gradually being opened, find all you need and hit the road.

Beast Survivors: Rogue was born at the hands of developer Gaijin Distribution KFT. With their reputation, all of their products have been highly appreciated. The first thing to mention is its captivating gameplay. Next is how to create characters with diverse equipment. Then, take your immersive combat experience to a whole new level. And yet, huge rewards await the hunters who complete the quest. Collect is calculated according to the time corresponding to the effort that you have spent to conquer the level.

Beast Survivors Rogue mod

Download Beast Survivors: Rogue mod – Clean up monsters everywhere.

Monsters from all over the world have invaded the human world. Their brutality has dramatically reduced the number of humans. But the hunters did not give in to all of them. Instead, they participated in unprecedented large-scale purges. These purges will be your participation and completion. First of all, we will control the character to move wisely around. Avoiding the enemy can touch you at all costs. Then use weapons and destroy them quickly. Like this until there are no more monsters alive next to you.

Character Unlock

Beast Survivors: Rogue allows you to choose your favorite hunter freely. You can choose the savage warrior with the giant ax in hand. He can destroy everything with a few simple slashes. Next is the monster hunter with a series of exciting and effective weapons. He will have a way to deal with all kinds of monsters that attack him. The plague doctor is also one of the deadliest assassins of the human side. He will directly destroy every monster that dares to stand in his way to eliminate all pathogens. Along with that, many other characters are waiting for you to discover and use.

Beast Survivors Rogue mod mod free

Boss Attack

If you only destroy the minions, it will never end the scourge of these creatures. We need to root out the creators of those monsters. The main targets are bosses with weird and terrifying abilities that are hiding. They will appear when you have successfully infiltrated the area they guard. Facing these guys need to be very careful with the skills they have. For example, can make you immobilized by his deadly light. Spitfire, poison, or suddenly rush towards the target. Exploring as well as exploiting weaknesses is something you need to prioritize so that you don’t get in trouble.

Beast Survivors Rogue mod mod apk

Upgrade equipment

Each hero needs to have good enough equipment to enhance his inherent strength. But this equipment will need to be provided with enough conditions to optimize its power. They will be enhanced by using your gold. You can also find better equipment from assigned quests. Random chests are also an effective way to get the best equipment in Beast Survivors: Rogue mod.

Download Beast Survivors: Rogue MOD APK (Unlimited Currency/God mode) for Android

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