Batting Girl Idle MOD APK (Menu/God mode/Damage/Defense Multiplier) 2.0.7

Updated 08/03/2024 (1 month ago)
NameBatting Girl Idle APK
PublisherArchiver Co., Ltd.
MOD FeaturesMenu/God mode/Damage/Defense Multiplier
SupportAndroid 9+
Get it onGoogle Play
Batting Girl Idle MOD APK detail?

1. Damage Multiplier
2. Defense Multiplier
3. God Mode
4. Currency/Loot Multiplier

Introduce MOD APK Batting Girl Idle

Batting Girl Idle MOD APK (Menu/God mode/Damage/Defense Multiplier) challenges your ability to fight zombies in combat levels. You will take on the responsibility of fighting for this world when facing the risk of destruction. That’s when a wave of zombies appeared and swept away life on Earth. And humanity almost lost its dominance after facing the brutal zombies. A previously bright world has completely disappeared and been replaced by crisis. So, to save the planet’s hope of life, you must bravely fight against zombies. Ready to accompany powerful warriors in the battle to destroy the undead.

Your mission when participating in challenging battles is to protect people’s safety. And the enemy you have to fight against is a wave of strange zombies hunting for life. Any creature that appeared before their eyes was pitifully bitten and torn apart. Therefore, before their invasion, humanity quickly sank into a weak position when it was assimilated. And if you do not stand up to prevent this situation from happening, the world will be destroyed. But you will not fight alone but will have help from heroes. Start the battles against zombies to protect the future of humans and the world.

Batting Girl Idle mod

Download Batting Girl Idle APK mod – Fight in challenges for the survival of the world

You will receive free rewards when you log in to a new world. Every land has been destroyed, and the ones causing this situation are the brutal zombies. And humans, faced with the power of destruction, can do nothing but run away. But the zombies continue to pursue them and will bite and tear people until they disappear. So you must be the one to prevent this situation from happening when you start fighting. Accompanying you in those dangerous challenges are female warriors. Even though they fear zombies, they will still risk their lives to fight to protect the world.

Batting Girl Idle apk

Summon powerful heroes

The warriors who join you in combat challenges will be female. And they are forced to stand up against zombies because humans have been pushed to the edge of destruction. They will bite and tear anyone who appears before them and assimilate into a part of them. Therefore, due to the cruel nature of zombies, you need to use the login reward to summon heroes. They are graded in strength by level and can evolve to become stronger. But to do that, you must work with them to kill zombies and collect resources. Summon and control female warriors against brutal enemies in Batting Girl Idle APK 2.0.7.

Batting Girl Idle mod apk

Upgrade your strength

You will control the female warrior you summon to participate in battles against the undead. They are the enemies that you must destroy so that the world can return to a peaceful life. With the power of their skills, female heroes can attack and defeat the undead. But the waves of zombies will become stronger and more crowded through the levels. So, you need to help them increase their strength in dangerous combat missions. By defeating zombies, you will gain materials to craft equipment and experience to level up. When upgrading both, your hero will have the power to challenge all combat levels.

Batting Girl Idle free

Destroy all undead

The enemies you must destroy to protect your world are the brutal undead. And they will appear in the lands to hunt and devour the remaining life. So, when participating in battles, you will face overwhelming attacks from them. With powerful skills, you can sweep the lands and help people stay safe. Meanwhile, heroes will continuously level their power to become stronger. But you must destroy the zombie boss to complete the combat mission. Fight waves of zombies in levels and destroy them to protect your hope for survival.

You will join your heroes in missions to fight against zombies. They are mortal enemies of humans and are destroying this world most brutally. So you need to summon talented heroes and control them to start fighting quickly. With automatic combat skills, heroes can defeat the living dead. And your role is to help them strengthen to complete the task. Finally, after defeating the zombie boss, humans can rebuild this world. Download Batting Girl Idle MOD APK to fight with the heroes against undead enemies.

How to Download & Install Batting Girl Idle MOD APK (Menu/God mode/Damage/Defense Multiplier) for Android


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