Cooking Star MOD APK 1.72 (Unlimited money)

Updated on 09/01/2023 (3 weeks ago)
NameCooking Star APK
PublisherTenBillion Games
MOD FeaturesUnlimited money
SupportAndroid 5.1+
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Being a star of Cooking Star is bound to have special abilities. What you get is the art of creating extraordinary dishes. Anyone who has tasted them once will have to praise them for their perfection. Not only that, but the service will also be accurate and high-class. We will need to attract customers to our restaurant from time to time. Gradually get new conditions for further development. Nothing can stop this particular dream of ours because of the strength in mind.

Our daily cooking may not be as good as a high-class restaurant. But you can cook delicious food with Cooking Star if you work hard. This can never go wrong if we choose a different approach. Cook while learning how to manage a high-class restaurant you own. The reflex skills are gradually enhanced every day. You were promoting love for the kitchen profession and receiving positive reviews. We will also have access to more culinary information from around the world. Open up an excellent opportunity to fulfil your own responsibilities.

Cooking Star mod

Download Cooking Star mod – Cook and explore the world

After opening a small restaurant, you start the business from the essential step. First, prepare all kinds of food before meal time for the people around. Then there is opening the door at the right time and waiting for customers to come and choose. Each level will be a dramatic sale. You will have to serve based on existing customer requirements. Drag the suitable dishes to what is desired by the requestor. As long as they get enough, they will leave happily. Moreover, the faster the service, the higher the scores will skyrocket. So accelerate your pace and overcome simple hurdles.

Delicious food

When you look at the food prepared to be served, you will find it extremely interesting and eye-catching. They are all dishes that appear in the daily life of countries. It’s full of all the different types of food you’ve ever tried. For example, fast foods such as hamburgers, sandwiches, fried chicken, and french fries,… The dishes for large parties also need to be mentioned, such as roast pork, and grilled lobster,… Sugary dishes such as noodles, meatballs or mixed fruit. Each comes from countries known for its distinct arts. It will be a place where you can discover many new dishes you have never known.

Cooking Star mod free

Open more new restaurants

Success in a restaurant means that you have completed that chapter excellently. So we should continue to go to other places to develop skills of the kitchen profession. You will open a new restaurant in another potential location. Here you will have to cook delicious dishes for the local culture. That’s how we get customers and generate income. The food is served to people from all walks of life, from workers, people in business, actors or famous stars. They all stop by your restaurant to enjoy the unique flavors. A simple way for anyone to know your presence.

Cooking Star mod apk

Create combos

The combo is only achieved when you serve fast to many customers at the same time. The combos obtained will not have a moat limit until the game ends. That is, you can prolong the combo as long as you can. Then the score will increase rapidly and give higher results. For this condition to be fulfilled, one must also practice professionally. Always aim for a more perfect and accurate serving style with the best dishes in Cooking Star mod.

Download Cooking Star MOD APK (Unlimited money) for Android

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