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To cross rivers we need bridges. The bridge is the most effective means of transportation for people to cross it. To be able to erect a complete bridge, engineers had to think a lot. Measure and calculate so that it lasts through time. Durable over the years without fear of cracking and breaking ever. Come to Poly Bridge 2 to build the strongest bridges for vehicles with creativity. If you want to create larger buildings, try My City: Hospital, Toca Life: School.

When it comes to the top creative bridge-building games, Poly Bridge 2 is indispensable. This is a game that people love because of its practicality. To build beautiful bridges, we must have some knowledge. Realistically calculate how they stand. If you think this is easy, then you are wrong because it is extremely difficult. Playing Poly Bridge 2 is the way to train your intelligence. Sharpen it to become sharper in the face of difficult problems. Apply the knowledge you have learned with talented hands. Create useful things for society and people. Entertainment after working too hard.

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Download Poly Bridge 2 – Build artistic masterpieces

You don’t have to be an engineer to build a bridge. It only takes imagination and creativity to build it. Just arrange the pieces of materials that the game provides according to a certain number. When you have completed your bridge you can test drive the car. If the car goes up and the bridge collapses, you will have to try again. Don’t be foolish to build a bridge in a silly shape because you think it’s beautiful. Bad bridges that keep the car running are better than beautiful bridges that don’t work. The appearance of the bridge will not affect its durability at all. Help vehicles to cross the deeps with efficient bridges.

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Types of vehicles

There will be many different types of vehicles in Poly Bridge 2. Specialized vehicles such as cars, ambulances, monster trucks, etc. Each vehicle will have a different size and weight. Calculate so that your bridge must stand firmly with the weight of each vehicle. The heavier the vehicles, the more elaborate the bridge must be built. The more complex it is, the more it can withstand large volumes. So they will give you enough materials to make it. There will be times when a plane passes by and you can’t build a flying bridge. So build how to avoid it from crashing. Don’t build lazy bridges.

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Simulation drawing

There will be a simulation drawing to assist you in the construction of the bridge. This will make it easier for you to visualize the bridge you are about to build. Calculate it in millimeter detail with the dimensions of the wormhole. Helps you measure the length and distance of the bridge and come up with a more optimal construction plan. Those who know how to make use of drawings can complete the bridge quickly. The bridge will be able to be more complete with a high aesthetic. Create bridges with a daring way of taking into account the movement of vehicles. You can run the test on the drawing countless times to be able to build the most satisfactory bridge. There is no time limit to build.

Poly Bridge 2 mod free

Cost savings

The smarter you are, the more you can save on bridge construction costs. The cost will be limited when you start to receive a new bridge, depending on the weight of the vehicle. The number of materials will only be enough with the amount allowed for purchase. With that much cost, you can create a complete and satisfactory bridge for yourself. As long as you can get the car across the river, you can pass the level. It doesn’t matter if the car is damaged or injured. The bridges with the most economical and minimalistic costs will be honored when winning. You can review their build and test drive at the end of the level.

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Various materials

Bridge-building materials will include things like iron bars, wooden bars, springs, cables, etc. These are the basic materials used in construction and are slightly modified. Make smart use of these materials to create yourself a work of art. These works of art are the masterpieces of your life. It’s your creativity as well as your hard work. From the simplest materials to create a great project. Are you a potential engineer with limitless intelligence? Download Poly Bridge 2 mod to build yourself great works of art. Make it easier for vehicles to cross the road.

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