Base Attack MOD APK (Unlimited money) 1.20

Updated on 07/12/2021 (2 years ago)
NameBase Attack APK
PublisherLion Studios
MOD FeaturesUnlimited money
SupportAndroid 8.0+
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Currently, the series of shooting games is becoming more and more diverse. Many games are produced to kill time and relax players. Typical of this game genre can not be ignored Base Attack. There is no aggression of the enemy but the game still brings drama to the player. You can spend hours participating in the world of Base Attack. Because it is an idle entertainment game, the gameplay mechanics of this game are extremely easy. Players only need a few basic operations to be able to understand and master how to play. Not only that, but the game also gives you a multitude of interesting missions.

It can be said that Base Attack’s image and sound are quite monotonous. But not so that it loses its appeal. The game is designed on a minimal 3D graphics platform. Focus on using 2 basic tones: red and white. NPC characters are tiny objects drawn with simple ink lines. In addition, it is associated with several physics principles. Therefore, these characters are extremely flexible. The white game background will help you easily observe and detect enemies quickly. In addition, the game also gathers countless famous guns. The effects of bullets flying, bomb explosions,… are also extremely eye-catching. In addition, Subway Princess Runner or are a few entertainment games that are interested.

Base Attack mod

Download Base Attack mod – Shooting game tiny people

The game covers many worlds. Within those worlds, there are many small areas. The fierce battles of you and your enemies will take place in locations in this area. Enemy troops are scattered in many places. It could be the gas station, the village, the office building. Each location will have a different layout and arrangement of obstacles. When you get to a higher level, the number of enemies and obstacles will be more. Your target is the little ones, cars, tanks, planes, … Use the guns that are equipped to destroy the targets. These goals are not fixed, players will always feel new to play.

Base Attack mod free

The gameplay is addictive

Base Attack has simple and engaging gameplay. This is a shooting game with a 360-degree rotation. Fast-moving enemies create suspense and drama for players. When entering the battle, below the phone interface will appear 3 different guns. Your mission is to destroy the enemy. Shooting operations is extremely easy. Players can master the game only in the first turn. All you need to do is take a close look. Because on the game model, the enemy will hide or be hidden behind the whole house, difficult to detect. Next is to use your hand to touch the target you want to shoot and shoot. You need to shoot continuously to kill enemies quickly and get rewards.

Base Attack mod download

Stronger upgrades

In the shooter genre, upgrading weapons is very necessary. And for Base Attack, this is no exception. After upgrading, players will have more new skills. For example, the ability to support damage, increase the double-shot,… So you can increase the power. You can upgrade by buying more advanced guns. Buying a gun is also very easy. After the level is over, the weapon shop window will appear. You can choose a weapon for upgrading here. Also, keep in mind that buying equipment or guns requires money. Money is a reward for your win.

Base Attack mod apk

Terrible equipment warehouse

Base attack gives you the chance to master an epic gun collection. Some high-quality guns such as MK46, MK47, M72, laser gun,… Details of the gun’s advantages such as bullet damage, duration of the fire,… are displayed in detail. This will help players to choose for themselves the right guns. The game’s collection of weapons equipment is quite unique. Players will not receive the fixed rewards that the game offers. Instead, you will have 3 choices after winning a certain level. You can choose 1 of 3 rewards that the game offers. Interesting, isn’t it?

Base Attack mod android

If you are too stressed and stressed after long hours of work and need some tools for entertainment. Do not hesitate to choose now Base Attack. Shooting game to destroy highly addictive little people. At the same time, the gameplay is extremely simple. So that the game is suitable for all ages and all subjects. Besides, players also own an arsenal of extremely powerful weapons. The missions of the game are rich with many different locations. Download Base Attack mod to participate in intense battles. You will have the opportunity to receive many great rewards of high value.

Download Base Attack MOD APK (Unlimited money) for Android

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