Baby Manor MOD APK (Menu/Unlimited money, bottles) 1.67.3

Updated 10/03/2024 (1 month ago)
NameBaby Manor APK
MOD FeaturesMenu/Unlimited money, bottles
SupportAndroid 4.4+
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Introduce MOD APK Baby Manor

Discover meaningful family moments after solving fun puzzles in Baby Manor MOD APK (Menu/Unlimited money, bottles). You will experience the feeling of being a parent when participating in the world of children. This is the land of children; you can care for them through quests. So your ability to care for children shows your potential as a responsible parent. And must show himself as someone who can care for his whole family happy. But to officially become a family member, you must overcome challenges from your father-in-law. Start the challenge of recreating the old mansion and show the responsibility of the family man.

The desire to experience the feeling of family is always the dream of many parents. Then they can gain more experience before starting married life. And when it comes to experience, expectant mothers and fathers will also be more responsible. So you chose to transform into Bobby and overcome the challenge with him before getting married. Your mission at that time will be to redesign the mansion and enlist the approval of your father-in-law. Bobby fell in love with his daughter, but the father was still unsatisfied with him. Help a man fulfil his responsibilities and become a family man.

Baby Manor android

Download Baby Manor APK mod – Create beautiful memories of being a family member

You will become a parent when you begin the task of designing the old mansion of your father-in-law. He is a girl lover and will test his son-in-law before deciding. And Bobby was the subject that he tested before being accepted to marry his daughter. So you will help this man overcome the task of renovating his father-in-law’s mansion. It is also an opportunity for you to get your property when approved by your father-in-law. But it won’t be easy when you have a luxury house in front of you. Show your talent to handle all the chores in your house and conquer the father-in-law.

Baby Manor apk

Decoration quest

Your task when transforming into Bobby is to help him in his goal of decorating the house. This is the future father-in-law’s mansion and is considered the challenge he gives you. He is a tough guy and has to test the person who will become his future son-in-law. But it’s a large building, and you must redecorate everything from scratch. The interior needs to be streamlined for you to conquer your fastidious father-in-law. You can also spend extra money to buy more items to complete home repairs. Rebuild your father-in-law’s old mansion and prepare for your future childcare.

Baby Manor mod apk

Care puzzles

You have the task of renovating the father’s old mansion with the attitude of taking up the challenge. So you need to be ready for the decoration task and prepare for the further mission. It is to be a responsible father and to fulfil his responsibilities properly. However, with that comes many caregiving puzzles, and you have to overcome them all. There will be many items for you to collect and gain more experience with. And the more puzzles you complete, the more childcare experience you will gain. Collect items inside the puzzle so you can complete your babysitting duties.

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Family memories

A family is always where parents and grandparents go to have happy moments. It’s a place where everyone can spend the most meaningful time together. So at the beginning of the decorating task, you can dream of a happy family. When you have a beautiful home, it will adorn you with enjoyable times. Or you will have the most memorable time taking care of your baby. All of them create a complete family and make all members more attached. Create the best family memories with Bobby while living with them in your renovated mansion.

Baby Manor mod

You will experience the role of a family man when you fall in love with a girl. But that has not come true when your future father-in-law is demanding. He will test anyone who wants to be his son-in-law in his old mansion. It is a prominent place but must be redecorated inside and out. And to complete this, you must pass care puzzles to prepare for the future of fatherhood. Then you will have memorable memories while taking care of your family. Download Baby Manor APK 1.67.3 to experience caring for children and family.

How to Download & Install Baby Manor MOD APK (Menu/Unlimited money, bottles) for Android


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