AVABEL LITE MOD APK (Menu, X2 Damage/God mode) 2.0.2

Updated on 04/11/2022 (7 months ago)
PublisherAsobimo, Inc.
CategoryRole Playing
MOD FeaturesMenu, X2 Damage/God mode
SupportAndroid 6.0+
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Role-playing games always have a large world and attractive character system. AVABEL LITE is a prime example. This game takes us into the fantasy world where mythical creatures have unparalleled strength. Accompanied by swords and magic – a topic that is not new in the gaming industry. However, exploiting the old elements but still attracting new players is fantastic. Immersed in the world of AVABEL LITE, you will take your character to all parts of the world. Meet various characters and defeat countless enemies along the way.

AVABEL LITE is a 3D role-playing game with easy controls for players to get used to quickly. You will be an adventurer in the game with an optional role in the opening. Exploring the fantasy world is large-scale and will undoubtedly take time. Along the way, it is possible to meet new friends. They are all solid warriors and ready to fight alongside you. Your task is to fight, coordinate team members. Increase your strength through each battle.


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The first step of any role-playing game is always character creation. Choose your character’s gender, then your favorite profession. Including gladiators, magicians, assassins, summoners… Each role will have a unique power that you will discover in the future. After choosing a character and naming it, immediately enter the world of AVABEL LITE. Anyone who is a new player will be summoned in the game’s first area. Here include all the essential things about fighting, upgrading, and trading. Help players have a suitable space to get acquainted before becoming real adventurers.

Use the virtual Joystick in the left corner of the screen to move your character anywhere you like. Some areas cannot be entered, so you cannot join them. The virtual keys on the right of the screen are basic operations such as an attack, run, jump and launch special skills. Depending on the role you have chosen at the beginning of the game, you will have many unique skills. At the beginning of the game, there are always NPC tutorials, so you know all the basics. They will give you the first easy tasks for you to do and level up.


Enhance character strength

Some players experience the game just because they want to enjoy the beautiful scenery or collect items. But most will want to increase the strength of the character as much as possible. This gives them access to the latest content about the plot or features. We have a level system that increases with experience points when doing missions or going to battle. Weapon systems depending on the role, will have different stats and classifications. Collect many materials to enhance weapons to a high level, giving them outstanding power. There is also the system of evolution, pets, magic… All of them are very extensive and cannot be listed. Experience the content for yourself.

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Beautiful combat

The battles revolving around monsters and enemies in the world of AVABEL LITE go on without end. Players will take on the job of fighting in the story, quests, or even gain experience. Enemies also have their levels, and the more new lands they enter, the stronger they become. The highlight of the monsters must be the special bosses. Possessing a different size and shape, the strength was superior to normal monsters. Boss battles will be when players feel the most exciting and tense. Use all your skills to defeat dangerous enemies and get your deserved rewards.

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Interaction between players

As an open-world role-playing game, of course, AVABEL LITE cannot ignore the interaction between players. You will make friends with many other players and chat with them. Sometimes fighting together on a difficult task. If you like to get acquainted with the large scale, the guild will be suitable. A place that gathers many players with distinct personalities and powers. Join the chaotic and fun guild battles. Share attractive rewards with everyone. Let’s make AVABEL LITE’s community bigger and bigger.


The entire content in AVABEL LITE cannot be summed up in an article like this. There are many unique systems, solid enemies, and friendly players who always welcome you to the fantasy world. Let’s create a character and join everyone. Raise your strength to be a true adventurer. AVABEL LITE mod is waiting for you right now.

Download AVABEL LITE MOD APK (Menu, X2 Damage/God mode) for Android

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