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Updated 20/10/2023 (2 months ago)
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Introduce MOD APK Athan

Athan MOD APK provides a comprehensive answer for individuals who want to maintain and strengthen their relationship with Islam. Bringing users a comprehensive and practical religious experience with the ability to read, listen to the Quran and announce prayer times. Advances in technology have made it simpler than ever to maintain a religious commitment. And this application will make it easy for the user to keep track of the prayer schedule, ensuring that the user does not miss any schedule with the help of prayer time notifications.

In addition, Athan provides a complete copy of the Quran so that individuals can read and search for it whenever they want. Users can listen to their preferred voice recordings, resulting in a natural and enjoyable religious practice. This application will be a cure for Muslims who are far from their homeland and do not want to disrupt their familiar lifestyle.

Athan mod

Download Athan MOD APK – Promote your Muslim faith anywhere

For Muslims, Athan is a practical mobile application. It makes it easy for users to follow the regulations and timetables in the Islamic religion by providing information about daily prayer times and schedules. Users can look up the time of Adhan or the audio that summons Muslims to pray in different parts of the world. Also, they can choose their location or let the app use their current location to provide accurate information. Athan also provides a wide range of valuable features, such as Adhan warning messages, prayer guides, reports on essential places in Islamic history, and information on critical annual holidays.

Athan mod apk

Provide information about prayer times

Knowing the traditional prayer times is very important for Muslims, especially those living abroad, where the time zones are different. So, Athan will be necessary if the user does not want to miss his prayer time. This program displays information about the time of day of prayer in various locations worldwide after automatically determining the user’s location using GPS technology. It provides users with information about the start and end times of the day’s sermons, in addition to helping users determine the exact time to pray. Athan also gives users the option to set reminders before prayer time to make sure not to miss any prayer times. This is useful when the user is in a busy environment.

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Read, search and translate Quranic texts

Users can easily access and understand the text of the Quran anytime, anywhere, thanks to the handy reading, search and translation features of the Athan app. Users can listen to and enjoy heartwarming songs on the application’s home page, thanks to the option to read the Quran. In addition, the search engine of the Athan MOD APK application is a valuable tool for searching for Quranic texts based on keywords, chapters and page numbers. Users can easily search and access specific passages. This is useful when the user wants to learn about a particular topic in the Quran or identify and study verses relevant to his condition and story. Besides, foreigners who want to understand the Quran better can use the translation feature to understand its content.

Athan mod apk free

Provides moving recordings of the Qur’an

One of the other outstanding features of this application is its ability to provide moving recordings of the Quran; for users who want to learn the Quran but cannot read Arabic or are not familiar with its terminology and grammar, Athan’s Audio Quran ability is beneficial. It provides moving recordings of the Quran, allowing users to listen and learn each verse and word of the Quran simply and effectively. It also brings together versions of the Quran read by renowned scholars and readers worldwide. Users can choose to listen to their favourite voice recordings, creating an authentic and enjoyable religious practice experience during prayer at Athan.

Athan mod android

Athan MOD APK is a valuable tool to preserve and strengthen ties with the Islamic faith. Users can personalize the app and track their schedule at their convenience and greatly benefit from features such as providing accurate prayer times and Quranic audio.

How to Download & Install Athan MOD APK (Pro Unlocked) for Android


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