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Updated 19/01/2024 (3 months ago)
NameAssistant for Android APK
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SupportAndroid 4.4+
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Introduce MOD APK Assistant for Android

If you need someone to help you use your Android device, use Assistant for Android. It is something that will help you thoroughly manage the activities in your device. Bringing useful information for users to have a deeper understanding. Support the repair process and fix errors that appear in the operating system. Provides the necessary metrics to operate the equipment in the most optimal way every day. Pay more attention to what you’re holding in your hand.

Touch devices like phones or tablets are becoming more and more common. So users also have more access to modern features. But not everyone has enough experience to control everything. Assistant for Android was born specifically to support the Android operating system. Helps manage all the essentials as well as ensure performance. Enhance the quality of the equipment like a housekeeper.

Assistant for Android mod

Download Assistant for Android mod – Smartly manage Android devices

To get started, give the app the access it needs for a stable launch. Next, the application will scan all information about the device being used. From there, the results of parameters, device numbers, performance and thousands of other things. It will calculate and improve performance in the tasks you use. Delete unnecessary things in memory such as junk and unknown files. Maximize battery saving to increase your usage time even further. This will be a pretty suitable program to help you put your phone in top condition. Take advantage of everything it has to offer to avoid the need for repairs.

Assistant for Android mod free

Monitor everything

Assistant for Android can monitor all the activities that the device has to use every day. It will read the most detailed and complete parameters inside the device. From RAM, CPU, GPU, Android version to production codes. It can also scan all files of internal memory or SD card for easy management. Even the battery capacity is measured very accurately. Determine the life of the battery, the number of times to charge and provide solutions to use. So you will have an extremely tight management from Assistant for Android. No need to worry too much about your device may fail in the future or not.

Assistant for Android mod apk

Garbage disposal

Phone junk is one of the major problems that the Android operating system often encounters. So there is a need for tools to help clean up all these superfluous and annoying things. Prevents memory from filling up quickly and unknowingly. You just need to go to the memory management section and choose to clean the garbage. All ads, files or space generated during use will be deleted. Give you the best phone environment with stable working memory. Do not forget that the cache memory is also a place to regularly pay attention to each time you use it. Assistant for Android can also clean things up for you easily.

Assistant for Android mod apk free

Save energy

Assistant for Android provides users with an extremely useful battery saver to use. With it, you can minimize unnecessary activities. For example, disable functions such as Bluetooth, screen rotation, vibration on touch, or location. These functions may seem ordinary, but they contribute to the majority of battery life. Make your device usage time significantly reduced. Surely after using this function, you will find the device is optimized. Make travel time longer without having to worry too much about running out of battery. It will also help the device automatically sleep when it’s time.

Assistant for Android mod android

Advanced Settings

By using Assistant for Android, you can perform other more necessary settings. For example, change the volume to a moderate level whenever needed. Set the startup time for the applications you care about installed on the device. Change your phone ringtone with any music you love. Helps to backup and restore deleted essential files easily with simple operations. You can install a variety of applications without having to wait as usual. There are many other useful features for Android that you should try. Surely there will not be any disappointment here.

If you want your device to improve performance, then Assistant for Android mod will be the optimal choice. Bring the best user experience of this diverse operating system.

How to Download & Install Assistant for Android APK for Android


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