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Updated 31/03/2024 (3 months ago)
NameCalendar+ Schedule Planner APK
PublisherJoshua & Company Inc.
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SupportAndroid 4.2+
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Introduce MOD APK Calendar+ Schedule Planner

Your work schedule will become much better if you use Calendar+ Schedule Planner. This application will bring the materialization of all the things you are about to do. Create calendars with the most complete and clear notes by yourself. Always know what to do next and never forget. Boost your productivity much higher than before without much effort. Modern citizens always know what they will need to accomplish. Create a sound and vibrant life for every individual.

The calendar applications on touch devices are too sketchy and not enough to meet working needs. But with Joshua & Company, they have a great direction. That’s to create Calendar+ Schedule Planner, a completely out-of-the-box calendar app. Help support the design of a reasonable timetable for all tasks. Scientific and straightforward to use so anyone can operate. The interface is optimally displayed so as not to confuse people. Suitable for anyone who is busy and wants to be more organized.

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Download Calendar+ Schedule Planner mod – Design the perfect schedule for work

Start changing your lifestyle using the Calendar+ Schedule Planner. First of all, you need to get a specific work schedule. Next is to choose when those tasks need to be completed. From start to finish will be decided by the user. You can add events and meetings that you can attend. Once done, save it, and you have a perfect schedule. When you arrive at the required time, a notification will appear to remind you. I can open the device to check whenever I need to memorize. That is the method that works best for you.

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Job setting

Calendar+ Schedule Planner will display days and months like a standard calendar. You can choose that exact date when you want to create a new job or event. After being noted, these tasks will be displayed in detail. Very intuitive so that we can understand everything as quickly as possible. You can view the day, see the week, month, year, customize upcoming events for your plan. Each view will be suitable for specific users. You can choose the style you like for the most straightforward management. You can create the perfect schedule for yourself from two days to four weeks.

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Create Widget

Every time you observe your work, you have to open the application. It is annoying. Calendar+ Schedule Planner does not require users to do such things. You can create small Widgets to save your time. It will display a small window that does not take up too much space. From there, you can place it anywhere on your home screen. It can also sit neatly on the notification bar if you want. Just scroll down to see what you need to do next. The widget will create a lot of advantages and simplify your necessary operations. It’s also pretty easy to see and isn’t troublesome at all.

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Copy events

Our work schedule can often repeat the same as what was done before. Instead of rearranging it, you can completely copy it next time. Just select the part you need to copy and move it to other dates. You can also cut and paste existing events without cumbersome operations. It saves time getting things organized and preparing for what’s to come. You can correct it if something unusual causes the schedule to change. Convenient and fast for people who are always busy with their work every day. It removes the burden on memory and brings comfort to us.

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With this application, you can synchronize it with the applications available on the phone. For example, with Google calendar and Outlook, it’s possible through Android’s calendar sync feature. Gets you the correct time zones with added holidays or significant events. The time zone from there is also more accurate according to your area. For many people, absolute accuracy will bring many benefits. You can completely control this just by syncing. Download the Calendar+ Schedule Planner mod to start making a specific schedule for yourself.

How to Download & Install Calendar+ Schedule Planner APK for Android


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