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Updated on 24/03/2023 (1 week ago)
NameArmor Inspector APK
PublisherAndrew Karpushin
MOD FeaturesFree purchase
SupportAndroid 4.4+
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If you are a WOT player, it is impossible without Armor Inspector’s help. This is a perfect tool to analyze all the weaknesses that you need to know. Avoid the embarrassment of facing enemies you don’t know well. From there, you can develop a better training strategy for yourself. Not only that, but other exciting things can be added to the plan. Bring more wins thanks to well-handled situations. Contribute heavily to one of the most significant wars in history that you create.

Armor Inspector was created to complement those who love the WOT-heavy game. A tool to help you capture more information from the famous game with millions of players. Pretty good stuff for new players and pros alike. Not only that, but we also know much other interesting information that may not be known. An excellent dictionary to get you started diving into the world of WOT. Leads us on a much more professional path than usual. There is always new knowledge that will be updated here quickly.

Armor Inspector mod

Download Armor Inspector mod – Find the weak points of the tank

Search the Armor Inspector for the information you need about the tank that confuses you. Then click on it and see all the parameters it can be given. These parameters are displayed on an accurate 3D model of that tank. From parts to pieces of armor, there are specific stats you want. From the stamina, the amount of damage you have to deal to the power it has. Each of these has a lot of positive effects on improving your gameplay. Know what type of tank your opponent uses and how to defeat it as quickly as possible. Those miracles come from the desire to learn and cultivate new knowledge.

Specific details

Armor Inspector has a total of more than 400 different types of tanks that exist in the game. Mainly there are a lot of quick updates after new models are released. Each model can see other pieces of detail on the tank. These detail pieces will include engine parts and armor. From these details, it is possible to deduce the amount of resistance this tank can receive. Find the weakest points the tank can take if the enemy attacks. With this information, we can also easily defeat the enemy, even if we are more fragile. More and more achievements are being made with this helpful information.

Armor Inspector mod free

Weapon Selection

You can put yourself in the role of the attacker and choose from the available weapons. Each weapon will display the damage to the target you want. It details each piece of armor and the chance to penetrate those pieces. The ability to destroy tanks will be assessed from the weakest to the most potent weapons. This is a relatively novel way of looking at it instead of you being just a passive tank. We attack the lowest point to increase our chances of winning. The enemy can only lose in anger and can’t do anything to you. If you try to remember important details, you will use that weapon well.

Armor Inspector mod apk

Each group of armor

The armor groups equipped with tanks have all information stored in the Armor Inspector. This section will make it possible for us to see the resilience of each group. It’s also so specific that it can calculate your ability to take damage in real-time. Consider giving your investments worth it. For example, WOT lovers have now reached new heights with the Armor Inspector mod.

Download Armor Inspector MOD APK (Free purchase) for Android

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