Speed Test & Wifi Analyzer MOD APK (Unlocked Pro) 2.1.57

Updated 18/04/2024 (1 month ago)
NameSpeed Test & Wifi Analyzer APK
PublisherEco Mobile
MOD FeaturesUnlocked Pro
SupportAndroid 5.0+
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Introduce MOD APK Speed Test & Wifi Analyzer

Feel the internet connection speed is too slow and does not meet the current user needs? Speed ​​Test & Wifi Analyzer will measure that and help you detect to solve the problem. An application is used to measure the speed of the network you are currently on. Speed ​​Test & Wifi Analyzer will analyze the connection and source of the internet that you access. Then evaluate whether it is qualified to use regular services or not. However, it is still instrumental in testing your network speed.

Maybe it’s just a feeling, or the internet you’re accessing matters. Speed ​​Test & Wifi Analyzer will perform a lot of tests in a short time. It will give results based on bandwidth and network connection speed when finished. If it is at a standard level, please recheck the connection port if the network is still slow. If the score is just average or lower, you will need to call a repairer to check it. Speed ​​Test & Wifi Analyzer helps you clearly and quickly determine internet status. All priority for editing does not take much time.

Speed Test Wifi Analyzer mod

Download Speed ​​Test & Wifi Analyzer mod – Check your current network speed

Network speed is one of the critical factors affecting the use of applications in smartphones. Or when you are attending an important online meeting. Enjoy your favorite videos on social networks. Or find what you want at Google. A slow network connection will affect these experiences. Make them delay and easily make you feel uncomfortable. Speed ​​Test & Wifi Analyzer will improve this problem in a small but essential part. Measuring the connection speed will tell you whether the internet in your place has issues or not. From there, give a quick solution without having to retry many times.

Speed Test Wifi Analyzer mod apk

Start the testing process

The main interface of Speed ​​Test & Wifi Analyzer has a system like the voltage meters. But this version will be used to measure network speed. Make sure you have connected your smartphone to the internet before measuring. Then click on the start button to conduct internet measurement. This will not take too much time as it only takes a few minutes for you to have results. Network test results will include line speed ability to read different data files. Speed ​​will have the central unit is Mbps according to the standard. And based on the number, it will be evaluated each score differently.

Speed Test Wifi Analyzer mod apk free

Download and upload speed

These are two opposite operations when affecting specific data on the network. So they will have different speeds, and of course, are all affected by internet speed. By default, the data download speed will be slightly faster than if you posted the data you have online. Because when you post, you already have the files of that data. Moving them to the platforms is done to increase the speed. On the contrary, downloading more files to the computer will need a specific time so that the pace will be slower.

Speed Test Wifi Analyzer mod free

Information and instructions for use

Once tested, Speed ​​Test & Wifi Analyzer will display all essential information about the internet network you use. Specifically, which carrier does it belongs to, and what is the IP address. The original user coined its name to be easily distinguishable. In addition, when evaluating network speed, Speed ​​Test & Wifi Analyzer also recommends what purposes you should use it for, mainly so that your experience is always complete and uninterrupted just because of constant loading.

Speed Test Wifi Analyzer free

Check how your current internet speed is suitable for the job. Know about the basics of that internet. From there, use this connection effectively and exploit the desired content. Speed ​​Test & Wifi Analyzer mod is essential for your daily network usage.

How to Download & Install Speed Test & Wifi Analyzer MOD APK (Unlocked Pro) for Android


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