EX File Manager MOD APK (Unlocked Pro) 1.4.1

Updated 03/12/2023 (3 days ago)
NameEX File Manager APK
PublisherAce Mobile
MOD FeaturesUnlocked Pro
SupportAndroid 5.0+
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Introduce MOD APK EX File Manager

There must have been times when you urgently needed a document but rummaged through all the files on your phone but couldn’t find it, or unfortunately, there was a virus warning, but you couldn’t find the folder—Carrying the virus. In the midst of this busy and rushed life, who doesn’t have on his computer several hundred files with all kinds of different categories and all are necessary and important, and then, in the end, doesn’t know which to delete, so keep which one. This problem will not bother the users for a second more with the EX File Manager application; file management will not be a nightmare anymore. Even if there are thousands of folders on the device, this application also helps users to arrange somewhere, carefully divided into specific categories.

EX File Manager will make users’ lives much easier when they can quickly find the folders they need. This is agreed on by the application that gives users all the necessary features on a computer. Download EX File Manager today to help you organize messy files inside your mobile device.

EX File Manager mod apk free

Download EX File Manager mod – Enjoy neat storage space

EX File Manager is a top reputable file manager that users can trust. It gives users complete control over their mobile file system and makes working with files more efficient and convenient. This application has all the features that users need, analyzes files in great detail, and helps to find and clean up useless files quickly. Not only managing files in the device, but EX File Manager can also support users to manage files on cloud storage, Dropbox, Google Drive, and Yandex so that whatever space the user uses becomes Much neater and more organized.

EX File Manager mod android free

Analyze files

When installing EX File Manager on the device, the application will automatically scan the user’s files and then give a detailed analysis for each file from the name, category, and content inside, In, format, and space usage to the problem the file is having. This helps a lot in managing the user’s files, showing how many files are in their smartphone at the moment, and through analysis, the user will know which files are there. Frequently accessed by themselves, which files are rarely used and even which files are infected with viruses can be found to protect the device. Let EX File Manager help users optimize storage space for their devices, thereby having more space to use.

EX File Manager mod

Quick search and clean

It can be said that with EX File Manager on the device, finding or cleaning up files on the phone seems to become extremely compact and manageable. Instead of manually searching between a forest of folders, even being blinded by them, unable to find what they need, users need to type in the name of the file they want to see. It will appear before your eyes in just one note. Not only that, but EX File Manager also shows which applications are consuming device space but not bringing any benefit, and users need to rely on that to select a series, and then all will be deleted. Users can also add their frequently used folders and files to their favourites or bookmarks to be found immediately.

EX File Manager mod apk

Full of essential features

EX File Manager allows users to manipulate files on their phones with full features similar to those on a computer. Users can do Multiple Select, Cut, Copy, Move, Paste, Create New, Delete, Share, Send, Hide, Create Shortcuts and bookmarks. Thanks to these features, file management seems to no longer cause users headaches and all operations are extremely simple, making it easy for anyone to do. Not only that, with files that are too large, users can compress them to both save space and facilitate sharing. In contrast, EX File Manager also supports users to decompress files quickly without needing third-party intervention.

EX File Manager mod android

EX File Manager supports many languages, from Spanish, German, Korean, Russian, French, Italian, Thai, Portuguese and Indian, so it is suitable for all users. Downloading EX File Manager mod to manage and organize files and folders on your phone has never been so quick and convenient.

How to Download & Install EX File Manager MOD APK (Unlocked Pro) for Android


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