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Archero MOD 1.4.9 (God Mode/Onehit/No ads)

by Thuỷ Dương


Archero action game with archery game to destroy new monsters. The simple gameplay that Habby created made each challenge come alive with beautiful colors. Using the classic style for gameplay, Archero soon had the player discover many highlights. With nearly 1 million reviews, we can see the tremendous attraction of this game. If it’s easy to talk about how to play, just move and stop to attack. But the real difficulty is behind each door, when you enter it you will have to fight hard. There are countless different types of terrain maps as well as a large number of monsters waiting for you to explore.

Role-playing character archers with a physique seems tiny but the power is extremely large. Combine moves to avoid being attacked from enemies and you must find a way to destroy them. With beautiful colors, Archero MOD APK lets you join the vivid world. The fight, though not balanced in terms of number, you still prove your strength. Besides, please react quickly to any case to complete the task faster.

Archero – Become an excellent archer

Your character will have its own level system. Each stage is arranged according to the numbered doors. This will make the challenge easier to remember, so which door can you get to? Of course, the difficulty is also felt clearly when each new challenge opens. Remember not to ignore any monsters because you cannot open the next door. Forget about running away when meeting strong opponents. Always a heroic archer, ready to sacrifice before danger.

Simple gameplay

Kill monsters to receive coins. When reaching a new level, you have new abilities such as increasing HP, divine touch, death star, intelligence … There are many new abilities for each level, it is impossible to introduce them all at here. In addition, when encountering demons, you can exchange HP for special abilities such as walking on water, a master of death. Not only the devil but the player also meets angels, they will give you everything without getting back from you anything. Of course, if you don’t want to receive it, you can reject the offer.


You can buy extra coins or gems here. When using the Archero MOD we probably don’t need to be too concerned about this. Players just need to overcome 50 challenges of the green steppe. But not all, there are many subsequent maps for you to conquer.

Character upgrade

There are many new characters. To increase the power you can upgrade the index to a higher level. Fighting power will increase significantly if you regularly upgrade. The opponent will be quickly defeated by arrows.

What does the new version of Archero have?

  • Released chapter 15 (normal mode) and chapters 8-9 (hero mode).
  • Optimize skills in the game. (Poisonous Touch, Intelligence, Meteors, Stars and more than 30 other skills)
  • More special missions.

What is the Archero MOD version?

  • MOD menu.
  • The enemy cannot attack. (There are some monsters that can still attack you)
  • Movement is disabled for enemies. (Not all)
  • Enemies are indivisible. (Boss / Mobs)
  • God Mode / Onehit Kill.
  • Increase movement speed. (x1 – x20)

You are playing the role of a fast archer in Archero but the sliding shot still happens when encountering monsters capable of moving quickly. If the challenge is not completed, the data will not be saved when escaping. Download Archero MOD APK and fight like real heroes!

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Total Time: 5 minutes

Làm thế nào để lấy đá quý ?

Bạn có thể mua, nhưng đó không phải câu trả lời bạn đang chờ đợi đúng không ? Vẫn còn cách khác đó là xem quảng cáo, tấn công boss để nhận vòng quay may mắn và tăng cấp độ của bạn. Đó là các cách để nhận đá quý miễn phí.

Làm thế nào để lấy vật nuôi & thiết bị ?

Không có cách thức cụ thể nào, bởi vì những vật phẩm này thường xuất hiện ngẫu nhiên. Tuy nhiên hai vật phẩm này thường có khi mở Rương vàng hoặc Obsidian.

Hiệu ứng thần thánh có tác dụng gì ?

Khi bạn bắn trúng kẻ địch, hai quả đạn sẽ bắn ra gây sát thương cho những kẻ địch khác

Slow Projectile có tác dụng gì ?

Nó giúp làm chậm đạn của đối phương, người chơi sẽ có nhiều thời gian để tránh.

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