Tower Gunner MOD APK (Menu/Rapid Fire/No Recoil) 0.2.57

Updated 09/03/2024 (1 month ago)
NameTower Gunner APK
PublisherArarat Games
MOD FeaturesMenu/Rapid Fire/No Recoil
SupportAndroid 4.4+
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Introduce MOD APK Tower Gunner

Return to the ancient world and fend off the zombie invasion in the Top Gunner game. An army of cruel zombies has invaded the old world and is not expecting an accident. Everyone could not resist; they were ravaged by the zombies and pushed to the last step. The ancient world only had castles that could stop the zombies and the people there. But the zombies have invaded all the courts. Only the last tower remains. However, there is still one defender here: the court’s guardian. Use the ancient arsenal to fight the zombies and protect the court for all survivors.

The zombie epidemic also affected the ancient world, and everyone kept hiding. But everywhere has been invaded by zombies, including the castle of the rulers. In front of the zombies, all defences seem weak and can be defeated. The entire ancient world is left with only one tower that can withstand the wave of zombies. But they still show their strength by gradually taking over the tower you defend. The power of the old arsenal will be the tool for you to stop all the undead bravely. Fight for everyone alive in the castle and stop the zombies from advancing.

Tower Gunner mod

Download Top Gunner mod – Prevent zombies from attacking the ancient castle

The zombies are rushing towards the tower you defend and will not stop. They want to devour everyone who resides in the building and finish destroying the world. But you won’t let zombies accomplish their goals with a defensive gun. However, defending will not be easy because all zombies will enter the tower individually. To stop them, you will need to shoot down the zombies by moving the gun. You will temporarily pass each wave of zombies if you kill all of them. Complete missions to stop zombies and defend the ancient tower to protect the survivors.

Tower Gunner android

Zombie appears

Undead accidents have appeared in the ancient world, which cannot be a coincidence. They appear in large numbers and become increasingly ferocious as they move towards the tower. The zombies were so powerful that the previous castles couldn’t stop them. But the final building is the place that holds the life of all and cannot be easily defeated. So you have to protect everyone inside by preparing battle guns. There will be more and more zombies below the tower, and the preparation will not go to waste. Zombies have appeared, and the only thing you can do is maintain the safety of everyone inside.

Tower Gunner free

Invasion level

The zombies initially despised a tower with only one guard like you. This is when they only appear in small numbers and proceed to attack the castle. You can quickly stop the zombies, but they will realize that attacking the tower will not be as easy as they think. So they will fully advance, which will level up the attacking zombies. When you defend this tower, you will receive dozens of zombie challenges. So either way, you must stop the zombies from attacking with courage. Complete each level of a zombie invasion and get rewards for enduring the undead.

Tower Gunner apk

Anti-zombie arsenal

You will face a series of advancing zombies, and you have access to an old arsenal. This world is full of weapons against enemies and even guns. They have now become very influential in defending zombie levels. The zombies as they advance, and it will be easy for you to destroy each zombie under the tower. And, of course, in addition to using weapons against zombies, you also have to upgrade items. Things like bombs or ammo for guns will help you defend the tower. The arsenal is now in your possession and uses them to fight the zombies.

Tower Gunner mod apk

The zombies have advanced through the ancient world, quickly taking over the castles. The people there had never experienced this accident and were quickly suppressed by the zombies one by one. But fortunately, the world has the appearance of a zombie exterminator like you. You also get to return to the ancient world and fight off waves of the undead. Your battlefield is now a castle with all the people residing. They are scared by the appearance of zombies, and only you can resist the invading levels. Download Tower Gunner mod to use your gun to enter the tower and defend the undead.

How to Download & Install Tower Gunner MOD APK (Menu/Rapid Fire/No Recoil) for Android


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