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NameAppMgr Pro III APK
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SupportAndroid 4.1+
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AppMgr Pro III is an application with functions for you to convert storage in memory. For you to manage easily. Delete unnecessary applications. To ensure that the capacity on the device is stable. AppMgr Pro III integrated application with many features. User can transfer data from internal memory. To transfer data to the external memory and other related applications. AppMgr Pro III is a utility tool for you to use. AppMgr Pro III is a perfect choice for you. Helps you to get a device that works well. Controlling the data in the machine and managing it closely.

Mobile device is one of the indispensable means. It greatly affects the needs of each person. AppMgr Pro III is one of the applications that help you manage files in memory. Helps the device to be saved with a larger capacity. Use through simple steps and full all features. AppMgr Pro III will not let you be disappointed when using the service. An application that you should not miss. Because it integrates many outstanding features and functions. Giving you many benefits when using. With support tools, storage management is extremely easy.

AppMgr Pro III mod

Download AppMgr Pro III mod – Manage device capacity

Many times your device will not allow you to download any more applications. Or can no longer save images or files. That is when the device is full of memory. AppMgr Pro III is the application that will help you fix that. Remove unnecessary applications, so you can save new data. This is an essential application. For those who regularly download files, the machine status is always in full memory. Please choose AppMgr Pro III to help you solve all related problems. Just one touch with the easy operation you can remove applications or files to fill up space.

AppMgr Pro III mod free

Delete the app

On a working device, there are some apps that you no longer use. Instead of leaving it there and will take up part of the device capacity. To allow more storage capacity, delete the applications. AppMgr Pro III also has tools to help you remove those applications. If the number of applications to delete is too much. This is also time-consuming for the user. But coming to AppMgr Pro III, you are completely assured. The application has the feature of deleting multiple applications at the same time. Just in one quick, maximum time-saving. Instead, you have to select the apps one by one and delete them. Simple, right?

AppMgr Pro III mod apk

Management functions

One main function of the application is management. Shows you how much capacity is left in the device. How storage capacity and gives you control over the device. The manager with powerful support tools. You will become a professional manager. Track by yourself and provide the necessary solutions to handle. And the features and tools that AppMgr Pro III provides. So that you can know which of the applications are on the machine. How much space will each app take up? Gives you clear insight into optimal management. AppMgr Pro III lets you use and see the available space.

AppMgr Pro III mod android

Freeze apps

It sounds weird, but this is one of the things you can do at AppMgr Pro III. For some applications, you may not be using it. But you also don’t want to delete it from your device. As such, you should freeze the application. This means that the app will be inactive and will not consume battery power. Make sure you can still download the new files to your computer. This is for those who don’t want to uninstall. And do not want that application to consume space on memory. One of those functions is quite interesting. Very convenient and easy to use.

AppMgr Pro III app lets you manage storage on your device. Remove unused applications. Move applications from the internal memory to the external memory if you want. AppMgr Pro III with outstanding features will help you to do this. Download AppMgr Pro III mod using the functions that AppMgr Pro III provides.

Download AppMgr Pro III APK for Android

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