Cleaner for WhatsApp MOD APK 2.8.9 (Premium unlocked)

Updated 12 months ago
NameCleaner for WhatsApp APK
PublisherLookAndFeel Lab
MOD FeaturesPremium unlocked
SupportAndroid 4.1+
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A smartphone that has a lot of work needs additional tools for periodic cleaning. What I would recommend to you to do that is Cleaner for WhatsApp. Check for any missing essential files in your smartphone. Suggest removing them from the device if it makes the device airier. Advise you on which apps you don’t use often. It is the user who decides whether to delete them from the phone or not. Nearly everything related to storage and security will be taken care of by Cleaner for WhatsApp. You might consider using it to protect your smartphone.

Based on the current memory and capacity of the smartphone. Cleaner for WhatsApp will start checking the activity of the apps that take up the most space. Then suggest them to you and ask if you should delete them. Cleaner for WhatsApp also checks them on a very regular basis. Of course, it will start checking if there are signs of space shortage in your smartphone. Provides a high-quality and easy-to-use interface for any user. Save space when the phone is in a state of too many junk files that need to be deleted.

Cleaner for WhatsApp mod

Download Cleaner for WhatsApp mod – Thoroughly clean your smartphone

The main task of Cleaner for WhatsApp in smartphones is to clean any unnecessary files. These include junk files, which take up a lot of space. If it accumulates in large quantities, it will not cause significant inconvenience to users. Total capacity will occur. It prevents you from downloading any of the apps you need for work and school. Cleaner for WhatsApp will proceed to delete them to make the phone airier. All applications that have not been used for a long time will also be called. If it’s not needed, delete it immediately to save space. This is the essential work that you should do every day. Accompany Cleaner for WhatsApp to clean your smartphone most thoroughly.

Cleaner for WhatsApp mod free

Delete files by category

From folders of photos, videos, audio to documents, this app scans them all. Also based on the number and capacity to evaluate these files. A variety of files can be viewed within the Cleaner for WhatsApp interface. It also has a file filter mode, which helps you detect duplicate files. This is a rare phenomenon and also consumes the most capacity. Delete duplicate files and things that waste resources that are not worth using. When deleted, it will show these files again. Make sure you don’t delete any important files by mistake. This is the strong point of Cleaner for WhatsApp.

Cleaner for WhatsApp mod apk

Sort files by size

There are essential and unnecessary files interspersed with a specific size. If you check by hand, it will be very time-consuming to clean the whole thing. Cleaner for WhatsApp provides a system to classify these files. The files will be sorted in a specific order based on the size, download time, and frequency of use. You will more easily recognize which files are essential and which files need to be deleted based on them. Then select those files and hit delete. Saves a lot of time compared to manual checking. Speed ​​and performance are greatly improved.

Cleaner for WhatsApp mod apk free

Automatically delete files

If you don’t have too much time to select and delete these files, use automatic deletion. First, you need to install the necessary parameters. Leaving files with that parameter or lower will all be deleted from the smartphone. The information includes the allowed size, usage and download times, and certain types of files. Then apply, and all such files will be deleted. Every time you download many new files, the system will automatically delete the files in the condition. In that case, they should not be needed during your use.

Cleaner for WhatsApp free

Downloading Cleaner for WhatsApp will make your smartphone much cleaner and cleaner. There is no such thing as a file that cannot be deleted. Take complete control of your application’s activities and find out where the problem is. Cleaner for WhatsApp mod will clean them up neatly.

Download Cleaner for WhatsApp MOD APK (Premium unlocked) for Android

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