Faily Brakes MOD APK (Unlimited money, unlocked) 32.8

Updated 16/05/2024 (2 weeks ago)
NameFaily Brakes APK
PublisherSpunge Games Pty Ltd
MOD FeaturesUnlimited money, unlocked
SupportAndroid 5.0+
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Introduce MOD APK Faily Brakes

Faily Brakes is the game for you to drive on difficult terrain. Not the flat roads are paved, it only occupies a small part of the level. Players encounter conditions such as being stuck on the mountain and failing to brake. Unfortunately, the car was drifting down at high speed so you had to handle the situation quickly to avoid an accident. Faily Brakes does not require highly skilled driving skills. The obstacles will obstruct your way, causing you to crash if you bump into them. No one wants to end up flying out of the cockpit and lying on the curb. But that’s the end of all the players you have to accept.

Collect the coins on the way and avoid clever obstacles. Faily Brakes gives you an endless ride with no destination. The more distance you travel, the more points and rewards players receive. That’s why I said that the player had to stop by an accident. The player’s finale marks their achievements after each challenge. Let’s start a fun driving mode with characters on roads with many elements of adventure.

Faily Brakes mod

Download Faily Brakes mod – Drive down the mountain safely

Quick reflexes are one of the most important things a player can do. If you do not want to have unexpected problems, you need to minimize unnecessary collisions. Faily Brakes gives you a car with no parts. At least the player must not use brake deceleration. Even when there is a risk of an accident, the car flies very quickly. In just a short time, will you be wise enough to do the correct processing? A car may crash into a cliff, obstacle, or other vehicles. A character is more or less injured and may lose consciousness if the fall is too strong.

Overcome obstacles

Rivers, rocks, trees, trains and other means of transport are all things you should avoid while travelling. In order for the driving to stop, it is imperative that you ensure that the vehicle is not affected and unfortunate incidents occur. Faily Brakes does not allow players to increase or decrease speed. It automatically changes randomly during driving. This will sometimes surprise you and will encounter many cases of not responding promptly. The fact that the game screen must stop is not too difficult to understand when the difficulty is increasing more and more.

Faily Brakes mod apk

Destroy obstructions

Shields and weapons are those that can destroy obstacles from a distance. You cannot keep avoiding obstacles while they appear more and more. Removing them from a long distance to clear the way is a smart way to add safety to the endless journey. Use the item that’s right for you to destroy all obstacles quickly. However, do not forget to drive the right trajectory of the road. Just a little distraction is enough to cause both people and car to plunge into the abyss.

Discover new vehicles and outfits

The cars in the game are not ordinary, they all have different shapes. The cockpit could be a pumpkin instead of using sturdy objects like steel frames. Faily Brakes create entertaining gameplay right from the visuals. In addition, the character also has many choices of costumes to change the new image. Some new clothes, hats, and much more. Give your driver a complete transformation.

Faily Brakes mod android

If you are curious to know the end of the game mode in Faily Brakes, fear that is not possible. The longer you drive, the more difficult challenges you will encounter. No one can reach the finish line in endless gameplay. But each level of play marks your progress with clear scores. Download Faily Brakes mod to become a terrain driver and handle accident situations in the safest way.

How to Download & Install Faily Brakes MOD APK (Unlimited money, unlocked) for Android


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A Stranger
A Stranger
2 years ago

Please update this mod to latest version, it’s not working right now.

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